Why Is The Parrot Trembling

Being the owner of any animal is very responsible. Parrots as domestic caged birds also require attention and care. Situations when they need the help of a person happen quite often in their life. The duty of truly loving owners is to see dangerous symptoms in time and, having correctly orientated themselves, help the feathered pets.

Here, for example, is the question that often worries the owners: why is the parrot trembling? What is this talking about and how dangerous?

Trembling is a manifestation of stress

Like all living things, parrots are prone to stress. A bird that has been moved from a familiar environment to a new and unfamiliar one may experience adaptive stress. This must be understood and not panic, seeing a trembling bird. A person in a new environment often feels the same way. It takes time for the parrot to get used to the new owners, place, circumstances – and the trembling will go away. The owners need only patience and delicacy – the best cure for adaptive stress.

Another cause of stress and trembling as its effects can be fear. Perhaps your favorite bird was very scared. For example, a cat, which in the absence of owners behaved aggressively. Or the child could somehow frighten the bird: in a loud voice, with sudden movements near the cage … Eliminate these unpleasant and traumatic psyche of the parrot, and the trembling will pass.

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Trembling – it means that it is cold

Trembling may be due to hypothermia. After all, people, it happens, shakes from the cold. The same thing can happen with a bird. Not all parrots tolerate temperature extremes well. Check once again that the place where the cage is adequately protected from drafts. What is the temperature in the room where the parrot is located. Having studied the situation, take measures: remove the cage from the draft, rearrange it in a warm place or provide a warm cage (cover it on three sides with a cloth, and on the remaining open side, down, on the pallet, direct the light of the table lamp – just put it on at least half meter distance from the cage). Just do not overdo it: overheating of the bird is also useless.

Trembling as a symptom of vitamin deficiency

The question why the parrot is trembling may have another answer: it lacks vitamins. It may be necessary to revise the diet, change the feed to a more fortified one. It is worth discussing this issue with the veterinarian. He will give expert advice that will save the feathered pet from this problem.

Trembling – a manifestation of the disease

Another reason why the parrot is trembling is due to bird disease. Rather, it will be said that trembling is another indicator that she is sick. In addition to trembling, there are other manifestations of ill health that should alert the owners and make them turn to the veterinarian ornithologist for help. We list some of them:

  • a sharp drop in appetite, up to a complete refusal to eat;
  • the bird behaves uneasily, constantly itches;
  • the parrot has self-pinching: he pulls feathers from himself, sometimes to the blood;
  • indigestion, diarrhea;
  • the bird has lost activity, almost does not move, it is clear that any movement is painful for it;
  • makes some strange sounds.
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So if the trembling of a parrot is also accompanied by other negative manifestations that are listed, then be sure to contact a veterinarian without delay. It is not worth it to take up poultry treatment yourself. The question of why the parrot is trembling requires a more detailed study, and the conclusion must be made by a specialist, an ornithologist, because the life of your pet depends on the correct diagnosis.