Why Is The Parrot Trembling

Owners of parrots need to know as much as possible about the specifics of behavior and the developmental characteristics of their pets. Indeed, it is much more difficult to understand the feathered creature than, for example, a cat or a dog – no one will argue with this. And therefore, many owners of the birds are simply lost when faced with such inexplicable phenomena as, for example, trembling, shaking the body of a parrot. Let’s talk about why the parrot is trembling, trying to consider the main causes of this phenomenon and indicating how to act in each case.

Reasons for Parrots to Tremble

    Stress associated with "moving" to a new place. If you have brought in a feathered friend recently, then he may tremble at first because of the stress experienced as a result of changes in habitual living conditions. In this case, be patient and try not to unnerve your bird once again – after a while it will adapt to the new environment and will also get used to you personally.

Stress associated with severe fright. If there is another animal in your house (especially a cat) or a child of any age, then it is quite possible that the parrot is trembling because it was scared. Try to protect the bird from situations that could frighten it, in the future – then the parrot will no longer tremble.

Hypothermia. If the apartment is cold, or the cage with the parrot is on a draft, the bird may well freeze. In this case, rearrange the cage in a warmer place or simply cover it with a dense cloth, leaving only the front side open. It is also possible to place a table lamp in the immediate vicinity of the cage (only not closer than 0.5 m) and direct its light onto the construction pallet. Only with this method, be very careful not to overheat your winged pet.

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Vitamin deficiency. When you start a budgie, be sure to collect information about what vitamins and in what quantities it needs to be given. And clearly adhere to the recommendations of experts – then your pet is unlikely to tremble for no apparent reason.

Why Is The Parrot Trembling

Disease. It also happens that the parrot begins to tremble due to the disease. Therefore, carefully monitor the behavior of your bird – if it manifested any additional symptoms, most likely you need to visit a veterinarian. Moreover, dangerous symptoms will include:

– the bird refuses to eat;
– it itches too much;
– your budgie actively pulls feathers from itself, so that in some cases blood even appears on his skin;
– the parrot begins diarrhea;
– it is difficult for the bird to move around and it is very limp;
– the parrot tries not to move, and almost does not fly;
– the bird makes sounds you have never heard from before.

All these symptoms can indicate both viral diseases and pathologies of a different nature (not infectious). So, for example, you may notice some of the signs listed above if the bird was injured or burns in the oral cavity, if it has a cold, if its beak is damaged. And besides, many of the symptoms considered are characteristic of poisoning.

However, not a single layman, of course, will be able to figure out on his own what his parrot fell ill. Therefore, if the bird trembles, and you do not see other causes of the phenomenon under consideration, except for a probable disease, be sure to check with the veterinarian. Remember that only timely measures will help you quickly improve the health of your pet, and maybe even save his life.