Why Is The Parrot Hawking

Sometimes the owners of parrots note such a strangeness in their behavior: the birds sit, having choked, for a long time. Why the parrot is hawking and how to explain it, they ask a question.

As in the case of trembling, sucking itself does not apply to the disease. But this is an alarming signal, indicating that not everything is safe with a feathered friend. When the parrot laughs (as if it were spreading feathers), it thus tries to keep warm. This means that his body temperature has fallen, and if urgent measures are not taken, the bird may die.

Other manifestations of ill health

Usually, tarting is accompanied by other signs of the bird’s disease state: trembling, shortness of breath, eyes closed as if from pain, and there may be vomiting and diarrhea. The parrot sleeps almost all the time and sits at the bottom of the cage, and not on the perch – he simply has no strength for this.

The scented look of the parrot makes it clear to the owners that the pet has either caught a cold, or has poisoning, or for some reason it hurts. The reasons for this behavior can be various diseases that develop in the bird and can affect any organs: eyes, ears, beak, paws, wings, etc. Various infections, diseases of internal organs are also possible.

Of course, only an ornithologist can determine the specific cause, who, if necessary, will do the necessary tests and examinations to clarify the situation.

Preventative measures

Domestic parrots, despite their unpretentiousness in maintenance, still require comfortable conditions. Their homeland is a country with a hot and warm climate, so in captivity they need to create similar conditions. Hypothermia for parrots is dangerous: they can get sick kidneys that can be treated with great difficulty.

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Drafts are categorically contraindicated for these birds – this is probably enemy No. 1 for them. Sharp temperature fluctuations also badly affect feathered friends. They are very gentle and defenseless, prone to colds.

Parrots are very susceptible to infections. This must be considered by the owners. They should not approach their favorites if they have a respiratory illness. There is a high probability that they will infect their pets. And it will be very difficult to cure them, and there is a big risk of losing a feathered friend.

The parrot is choking, but it is not caused by the disease

Why Is The Parrot Hawking

It is not always due to the sickness of a bird. Why does the parrot smack, although there are no other manifestations of the disease?

This can be explained by stress. A bird can tremble and laugh in an unusual environment. And with this he makes it clear that he is uncomfortable: for example, late time, but loud music sounds, the light is on, it is noisy. In this case, it is a reaction to discomfort.

Another parrot laughs when he lacks light. If daylight hours are reduced, then it is possible to compensate for its lack of artificial lighting.

The causes of tearing without other signs of ill health can be eliminated by the owners. But if this phenomenon is also accompanied by other painful symptoms, urgent need to take action.

Do not take care of the treatment yourself, you will not be able to provide qualified assistance, and time will be lost. The disease in parrots is rapidly developing. You can just be late and not have time to save the feathered friend. In no case do not hesitate, immediately contact your veterinarian, because your favorite talker bird can die!