Why Is A Wavy Parrot Scratched

There may be several reasons why the budgerigar itches. On the one hand, such a behavior of a feathered pet is a completely normal phenomenon associated with natural processes. While on the other – a possible sign that the bird began to have health problems. What exactly happens with a budgie when it itches, and how to help him in case of complications, you will learn from this article.

Natural causes

Hygiene procedures

Budgerigars are very clean birds. They can spend a lot of time cleaning their feathers, tedding them and scratching for three hours, and sometimes even longer.

Why Is A Wavy Parrot Scratched

This behavior can be explained by the fact that with dirty plumage it is extremely inconvenient to fly. But in natural conditions, these birds have to cross huge distances and escape from predators.

Domesticated budgies do not change their "wild" habits. If you notice that your pet is enthusiastically engaged in plumage, but at the same time looks quite healthy, you should know that this is a simple hygienic procedure.

Why Is A Wavy Parrot Scratched

Birds clean their feathers also for pleasure, having fun and short time in this way. If you watch a feathered pet at such moments, you can also see how it scratches its head with its paw or amusingly sticks it through the bars of the cage.


Sometimes a wavy parrot itches due to the fact that he began seasonal molting, which usually happens twice a year. During such a natural process for birds, the old plumage changes to a new one. Helping themselves, feathered pets sort out feathers with their beaks and paws, trying to get rid of old feathers.

During molting, the parrot may not feel very well, as this process often brings some discomfort in the form of mild itching and slight weakness.

If you notice that the wavy scratches its plumage all the time, and at the same time looks lethargic or sleepy, be sure to check the feathers that have fallen out. With normal molting, the feathers should be clean, even, without any damage or drops of blood. When examining a parrot in bald areas, you can see small black dots – these are tubes from which new feathers will soon grow.

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Why Is A Wavy Parrot Scratched

But if the molt dragged on, the parrot was almost bald, the remaining feathers were broken off and stick out in all directions, and the new ones still did not grow, most likely the bird fell ill. Perhaps she had a metabolic disorder. In any case, the pet is best shown to the veterinarian to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Other reasons

Dry air

One of the most common reasons why a budgie is itching all the time is because the air in the room where it lives is too dry. Often, such behavior in feathered pets is manifested either in the hot season or in the winter, when all heating devices are turned on.

Budgerigars come from Australia, where there is a certain climate all year round: high temperature and high humidity. At home, everything is different – the necessary humidity has to be maintained artificially, using special air humidification devices.

Why Is A Wavy Parrot Scratched

If the pet does not have a microclimate as close as possible to natural conditions, then due to insufficient moisture the delicate skin of the pet will begin to dry out. This leads to the fact that the bird’s skin begins to peel off and become covered with scales of dandruff, causing constant itching.

The drying process of the budgerigar’s skin is accelerated when the owner hangs the cage with the bird too close to the heaters. Trying to warm the pet, the owner, on the contrary, harms him. Due to the close proximity to the battery, the "budgerigar", in addition to the appearance of itching, begin to dry out the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. As a result, the following diseases can develop in a bird:

  • conjunctivitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • baldness;
  • purulent inflammation of the skin;
  • bronchitis.
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To avoid such complications, firstly, never hang a cage with a parrot near the batteries, and secondly, keep the air humidity in the room where the cage is at least sixty percent. You can also sprinkle a camomile decoction from a spray bottle over your pet a couple of times a day, or install a bird bath in the cage.

Violations in the light mode

In the article "How the budgerigar sleeps," we talked about how to correctly set the sleep mode for birds. If this is not done, then the pet will cease to get enough sleep. Accordingly, he will begin to have health problems: from scratching to a nervous breakdown.

For parrots, the quality of lighting is equally important. In summer, the bird should take sunbathing, and in winter it should be under artificial lighting with ultraviolet lamps.

Why Is A Wavy Parrot Scratched


Budgies are very emotional birds that worry and get nervous for almost any reason. During stress, feathered pets can not only comb and peck themselves up to deep wounds, but also pluck their feathers.

The reasons for the fact that the “wavy” has combed itself the entire outer cover may be the following stressful situations:

  • sudden move;
  • separation from a loved one or master;
  • lack of attention from the owner;
  • suddenly arrived guests;
  • loud noise;
  • boredom, for example, due to an insufficiently equipped cell;
  • hormonal disbalance;
  • other pets.

If you do not pay attention to the fact that the parrot is constantly nervous, itches, bites itself and plucks its feathers, then it may soon die. To avoid death, try to limit the pet from various irritants and communicate with him as much as possible. Play with a parrot, let loose from the cage into the room, get him a pair.

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Why Is A Wavy Parrot Scratched

Skin dermatitis

The inflammatory process on the skin of a budgerigar is called dermatitis. A similar disease can occur due to the following problems:

  • stressful situations;
  • diseases of vital organs;
  • an allergic reaction to any product or poor-quality feed;
  • deficiency of vitamins and minerals;
  • hormonal disruptions.

Due to skin dermatitis, a feathered pet can scratch many places: head, body, and even under the tail. Such a disease can not be started, otherwise the bird will comb itself to death. If you notice that the parrot is itching intensively all day long, urgently contact your veterinarian to prescribe timely treatment.

Why Is A Wavy Parrot Scratched


Another common reason why the budgerigar began to itch is the vital activity of various pests on its body. Such parasites include fleas, downy-eating, scabies mites. Parasitizing on the plumage and skin of a feathered pet, they not only cause discomfort in the form of itching, but also reduce the immunity of the budgerigar.

You can learn about how to deal with various bird pests from the article “Fleas and other parasites in budgerigars”.

Fungal diseases

Why Is A Wavy Parrot Scratched

If you do not monitor the cleanliness of the budgie cage and its internal equipment, then soon a fungus may start on all objects. If he switches to a bird, then it will begin to itch, trying to get rid of them. Fungal diseases lead to the fact that the pet’s body is gradually weakening. As a result, the bird simply dies.

To prevent this, any poultry equipment you just bought should be sanitized with at least steam or boiling water. Also, you need to disinfect the cell and all items that are in it at least twice a week.

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