Why Does A Parrot Pull Feathers

Why does a parrot pluck feathers

Often, in the initial stages, when the parrot is just beginning to pluck itself, the owners mistakenly take this process for molting. But keep in mind, usually a parrot sheds only twice a year – in spring and autumn, and molting itself occurs gradually. Old feathers are replaced with new ones, but there are never completely exposed skin areas.

The only exception may be the first molt of a young parrot, when he is still a teenager, in which case he may lose several more feathers than usual. The first molt is the hardest for a bird. So, if you, buying a parrot, noticed bald spots and bare parts of the body, this does not mean that the parrot molts, most likely, it will remain bald. If the process of plucking feathers from a parrot continues for a long time and cannot be stopped, feathers will never grow in these areas due to follicle damage.

If the bird is bored, find her an occupation so that she is forgotten, and she had no time to pay attention to her feathers, teach him, in the end, to talk or sing. I learned from Jaco how to repeat words like plug-in, captcha, joomla 2.5 modules for my son. Even I, I don’t understand many meanings, and the bird always inserts phrases according to the moment, as if it understands something.

Owners of parrots often encounter another problem – chewing feathers. Although there are no such obvious bald patches and bald spots noticeably on the bird, as when plucking, the feather in this case also undergoes deformation and this cannot be left without attention. Moreover, the reasons that result in these undesirable processes and treatment in both cases will be the same.

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For Jaco, the reason for pulling feathers can be a new toy, lack of communication, a change of residence, even within the same apartment, emotional stress in the family, because they are very sensitive to your mood. For young individuals, such a disorder can be caused by hormonal imbalances in the body when the bird does not understand what is happening to it. An even bigger mistake would be to look for a couple at this time.

Why Does A Parrot Pull Feathers

Parrots have no instinct for reproduction, and how they relate to the process of reproduction, they comprehend only when they are at large and talking with relatives. Therefore, if you decide to engage in breeding, then in this case, you can expose the bird to even more stress when failure is made. This is equivalent to making a teenager get married when he is not yet ready to start his own family. In order for your parrots to be able to start a family, they will have to give up human communication and find a common language with a partner, but then you will have to come to terms with the fact that this will not be the one pet that has devoted a lot of time only to you.

The most common cause of pulling and chewing feathers in Jaco is boredom. After all, this is a very smart and sociable bird. Imagine what you will do if you just sit in a chair in the middle of the room for the whole day and not give anything to do? You, at best, start to bite your nails, and so the parrot starts to chew or pull out feathers from boredom, because there is nothing more for him to do. Therefore, when you need to leave a parrot alone, there are several options. Check if he has enough toys, you can leave the TV on, all some kind of communication. Well, it is advisable to purchase or sew a special jumpsuit that covers those places that are intensely “processed” by the parrot.