Those who want a talking parrot to settle in their house will have to face two main problems. Firstly, the types of parrots that speak well are very expensive, and secondly, despite the fact that the learning process is quite simple, it still requires patience.

What types of parrots are easier to learn to talk?

Of all species of parrots, it is believed that the easiest way to learn to speak jaco. As a rule, a gray parrot learns up to 100 words. In addition, the Jacquot is very smart and he is perfectly able to imitate voices and convey intonations.

Which Parrot Is Easier To Teach To Speak

The vocabulary of amazons is usually 50-60 words. The main advantage of these birds is that they are capable of self-learning. These birds can mumble for hours under their breath, and then suddenly give out words that no one has ever taught them.

Which Parrot Is Easier To Teach To Speak

Charming cockatoo can master a few dozen words. These birds are very busy with their behavior. For example, to attract the attention of the owner to their person, they can take the most bizarre poses.

Which Parrot Is Easier To Teach To Speak

Small species of parrots, such as Karelians, budgies and Senegalese parrots, can remember about 10-20 words. These birds are ideal for those who are just starting to get acquainted with the world of birds.

Which Parrot Is Easier To Teach To Speak

Chic macaws prefer to depict not human speech, but various sounds (coughing, mooing, dogs barking, creaking doors, etc.). These parrots are trying very hard to copy human speech, but, unfortunately, they somehow did not work out with “diction”. By the way, his scream at the macaw is very loud and extremely unpleasant.

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Which Parrot Is Easier To Teach To Speak

When exactly this or that parrot speaks is very difficult to predict. It depends on many factors: the physical condition of the bird, its giftedness, living conditions and others. In addition, an individual with a difficult fate, which will be very difficult to retrain, may fall for a parrot lover.

However, even if the student is silent, as if he has typed water in his mouth, you should not despair. Silent at any time can "break through."

Interesting fact: a pet can ignore all the efforts of its master for a very long time, but it’s worth swearing, and please – the feathered student happily repeats what he heard!

Large parrots can live a very long time, so the one and only word bursting out in the hearts can haunt the owner for more than a dozen years. So, in the presence of a feathered friend, it is advisable to carefully monitor the purity of speech.