What Vegetables Can Be Given To A Parrot

To make your parrot healthy, you need to take care of its proper balanced diet. How to feed a parrot, we have already considered in this article which fruits can be given, you can read here. Now we’ll try to talk about What vegetables can be given to parrots?

Vegetables and greens are another integral part of a healthy bird diet. Vegetables have large reserves of various vitamins, minerals and fiber.

It is important that all of the following vegetables and herbs are of proper quality. Always give priority to hand-grown. After all, purchased products may contain a large number of various chemicals, as a result of their processing from pests and to extend the storage line.

Parrot Diet Vegetables

Carrot – A vegetable that must be present in the trough of your parrot. Carrots contain a very large amount of vitamin A, carotene. They are given raw, sliced ​​or grated with a boiled egg or breadcrumbs. As a rule, parrots do not refuse such salads.

Pumpkin and melon – Also, useful components of the diet. They contain many vitamins and minerals, sugars. Seeds have many vitamins A, D, E, K. Like all vegetables, pumpkins are given raw and cut into pieces.

Squash and squash – can boast of fiber.

Tomatoes – contain vitamins B, C, carotene. Like cucumbers, tomatoes should be from their garden. Parrots eat both pulp and seeds.

Cabbage – give green leaves. They are very rich in vitamins and minerals. We recommend not to forget about cabbage, both for a parrot and for yourself, especially in the winter season. Petioles tend to accumulate harmful substances.

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Bell pepper – Parrots only allowed bell peppers. Any sharp can not.

This is not a complete list of vegetables that can be given to a parrot. Below, we will provide a more complete list in pictures. Also, you need to give the parrot greens.

Prohibited vegetables!

Radish – spicy vegetable.

Eggplant – contains a substance called solanine, it is also present in the tubers of green potatoes.

Celery – a lot of essential oils.

What Vegetables Can Be Given To A Parrot

Onion and garlic – A very sharp taste for parrots and a lot of essential oils.

Radish, daikon, all such spicy vegetables are also prohibited.

Greens in the diet

Greens must be present in the diet, no less than vegetables or fruits.

Take care that your greens are thoroughly washed under running water. Like vegetables, greens should be from their garden or rural ecological area, and in no case not from the city.

  • meadow grass
  • burdock (burdock)
  • branches of various thickness of fruit trees with buds, with young green leaves
  • grapevine
  • greens of cereal crops: oats, wheat, etc.
  • wood lice
  • tops of carrots and beets
  • knotweed
  • leaf salads
  • nettle leaves scalded with boiling water
  • in limited quantities quinoa and spinach
  • clover
  • plantain leaves