What To Do If Your Parrot Is Constantly Itching

If you have a parrot, then you often saw how it itches with a paw and cleans its feathers. But what does it mean when a pet is itching constantly?

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Causes of scratching

Scrubbing feathers is a normal process for a parrot, but sometimes the symptoms of itching can indicate serious illnesses. Why does a parrot itch? And then what to do?


Twice a year, the parrot molts. During this period, he begins to itch a lot. Thus, he helps himself to quickly get rid of old feathers, so that new ones grow.

What To Do If Your Parrot Is Constantly Itching

The main signs of molting:

  • feathers are everywhere;
  • the appearance of hemp on the body;
  • old feathers without a trace of blood.


Yes, indeed, itching and feather loss, when the molting period has recently ended, are consequences of stress. Parrots, like other animals, are afraid and even nervous. If the parrot is constantly itching and trembling, perhaps something has shocked your pet. For example, prolonged loneliness, separation from a couple. To calm a parrot, just give it more attention.

Dry air

Feathered skin, however, like human skin, needs to be moisturized. The parrot itches and from dry skin. He has itching and feather loss. What then to do? Just increase the air humidity in the room where the budgie is located, or periodically sprinkle on feathery water from a spray bottle.

Fungal diseases

The presence of itching causes various fungal diseases of the skin of the parrot. Also, the feathery has a loss of feathers with blood, the formation of growths and crusts on the body and beak, peeling. You cannot make an accurate diagnosis, so you need to contact your veterinarian.

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What To Do If Your Parrot Is Constantly Itching

Scabies mite

Another reason that the parrot itches is the infection with the scabies mite. This may occur as a result of the use of poor quality grain mix, lack of processing cells and purchased toys. Or the pet itself is a tick carrier, interacting with various external factors. If you do not identify the problem in time, the beak may be deformed in the parrot, the appetite will worsen, and it will eventually die.

The causes of itchy feathered skin can also be the lack of necessary vitamins in the diet, poor lighting of the room, and decreased immunity.

How can I help you?

Consider what to do with a parrot for various reasons for the appearance of scabies. Under stress, try to calm the pet: buy him a new toy, talk to him, give him more of your attention.

What To Do If Your Parrot Is Constantly Itching

If the whole problem is a low level of humidity in the room, just increase it with a humidifier, a container of water.

The recommended indoor humidity for birds is 60-70%.

Mushrooms and other parasites must be neutralized and “expelled” from the body. Only an experienced ornithologist will help you with this. Remember that infection with fungal diseases can be with a reduced immunity of the bird. Do not forget to feed the budgie healthy foods and vitamin supplements, regularly clean the cage and arrange bath procedures.

What To Do If Your Parrot Is Constantly Itching

You can cure the bird yourself from an itch mite on your own, but it is better to consult a veterinarian. At home, you can eliminate the tick with the help of special drugs that are sold in a veterinary pharmacy. Suitable petroleum jelly, aversive ointment or birch tar.