What To Do If A Parrot Has Diarrhea

Diarrhea in a parrot is very dangerous! If the parrot does not feel well, refuses to eat, sits with a frown, a liquid green droppings has appeared – it’s time to sound the alarm.

Almost all diseases in parrots are caused by improper care, poor quality food, dirty water, and a lack of lighting.

Even just loud noise can lead to a decrease in the immunity of the animal.

How to treat diarrhea

You need to know that diarrhea requires IMMEDIATE treatment. In a parrot, all processes in the body go very quickly, so the bill goes literally on the clock.

  1. If the pet does not refuse food, sprinkle food with carlsil, rubbing half a tablet of the medicine.
  2. With liquid green manure, activated carbon is used at first, grinding the tablet and adding to the boiled rice.
  3. To give a decoction of chamomile.
  4. The green droppings of the budgerigar can be stopped by adding the Gamavit immunomodulator to treatment. It is poured into a drinker at the rate of 0.5 ml per 50 g of pure water. Treat in this way for a week.
  5. Sometimes they use Vetom 1.1. This is an immunomodulating drug with Bacillus subtilis microorganisms to improve digestion and restore intestinal microflora. It is added at the tip of the knife into the water.
  6. Also sprinkle food with Linex (one capsule).

During treatment, transfer the cage with a feathered friend to a quiet, calm place.

If, unfortunately, the treatment has failed, contact your veterinarian urgently. This may indicate a serious illness of the pet.

The diseases and treatment of budgerigars and karella parrots are the same. Liquid green droppings are caused by similar reasons in both of them.

Liquid droppings

What to do if the liquid droppings of the budgerigar?

  1. Rinse the area around the cloaca, clean the feathers from the remains of excrement, as they are a breeding ground for infection.
  2. Wash the eyes and cesspool of the bird with a decoction of chamomile. Pour this broth into the drinker, remembering to change every two hours.
  3. Disinfect the cell.
  4. Offer a parrot boiled rice on the water, which has an astringent effect on digestive problems.
  5. Liquid green droppings should stop. If this does not happen, go to the doctor.
  6. The bird during the illness freezes, sits with a cracked tongue. Install an infrared lamp over her dwelling, blocking off with a piece of cloth a place where she would hide if she wanted to. But this is done only if there are no traces of blood in the litter.
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The temperature in the room with a sick bird is maintained at 25 degrees, humidity is 65%. If there is no special lamp, then you can put a regular 60 W incandescent lamp that generates heat!

The causes of diarrhea in parrots

Due to external or internal stimuli, the walls of the intestinal wall of the parrot begin to contract faster, pushing out not only undigested pieces of food, but also the liquid contents of the stomach.

What if a parrot has diarrhea? Keep clean! Often the cause is poor-quality food, rot, dirt on fruits, mold in nuts and seeds. Foul water in a drinking bowl also leads to similar troubles. Even the dirt in the apartment is harmful.

A liquid droppings in a budgie is a sign of diarrhea or polyuria. Diarrhea is, in fact, diarrhea, and polyuria is an increase in the amount of urine in bird excrement. The treatment for these phenomena varies.

After examining the stool of a pet, determine whether they retain their shape and are surrounded by watery discharge or feces look like a liquid mass. In the first case, it is polyuria. In the second – diarrhea.

What To Do If A Parrot Has Diarrhea

If diarrhea appears in a budgie:

  • white with a gray tint, this indicates a disease of the pancreas or the use of fatty feed;
  • black excrement indicates a disease of the gastrointestinal tract or nervous system;
  • large blotches of white are signs of arthritis or kidney disease;
  • red droppings may be from eating beets. Dropping hydrogen peroxide, they heard a hiss – blood in the stool, running to the veterinarian;
  • undigested particles of grain indicate goiter disease, arthritis, dysbiosis, infection, fungus;
  • liquid green droppings indicate parasites in the liver or a lack of trace elements.
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With diarrhea, the budgerigar sits on the perch or even on the floor of the cage, choked, ruffled feathers. Around cloaks are dried feathers, dried excrement. The bird refuses food, the eyes lose their luster. There is a sleeping state.

Any unusual bird behavior is an indicator of ill health. Watch carefully those who are tamed. At the first symptoms, consult a doctor.

Parrot diarrhea is caused by non-compliance with hygiene, a rare cleaning of the cage. At the first symptoms of liquid green diarrhea in a bird, sanitize its home

If the parrot has loose stools, then he probably ate stale fruit. During the treatment, remove greens and juicy fruits from the diet so as not to irritate the delicate stomach further.

When you release a parrot flying around the room, he can peck indoor plants that are poisonous to him. Carry out a revision of the plants, make sure that the mischievous person is not pecking with harmful food. Remove dangerous plants!

Is the pet getting enough light? Birds love the sun, clean air. Therefore, the cell is placed in a bright, ventilated room, but so that direct sunlight does not fall. Sometimes it is necessary to put the cage on the street so that the bird produces vitamin D, the lack of which also adversely affects the digestion of the parrot.

Liquid green droppings in a parrot can be caused by many reasons – the presence of parasites, disruption of the bird’s endocrine system, liver disease, renal failure, goiter inflammation.

Green droppings in a budgerigar often occur with calcium deficiency. To prevent this, a chalk block or sepia is suspended in the cage. This is also necessary for grinding the beak, which is rapidly growing in parrots.

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The cause of liquid green droppings may be antibiotic treatment of another disease. Taking such drugs kills pathogens and beneficial microflora.

Diarrhea in a parrot is caused by goiter inflammation. This is the expansion of the esophagus on the right side of the chest, where the food originally enters.

And if this organ is unhealthy, swallowing reflexes do not work correctly, stagnation and infection are formed. Spoiled pieces of food then enter the stomach, causing an upset. Food turns into a source of microbial development. This leads to irreversible consequences.

What is dangerous diarrhea in parrots

First of all, diarrhea is dangerous for dehydration of the bird’s body. This leads to exhaustion, weight loss, the bird loses strength. There is also a thickening of the blood, impaired circulation, which leads to a lack of oxygen. The animal dies quickly, within a few days, and sometimes hours.

With frequent bowel movements, the bird’s cloac is stretched, falls out, and dries out. There is itching, discomfort and soreness in this place.

At the same time, the bird often pecks up dried up areas, trying to alleviate unpleasant sensations. It damages blood vessels, causing bleeding. What exacerbates the situation.

During treatment, do not leave the feathered friend alone for a long time. He must be sure that his master loves and cares for him. Tasty vitamins and positive emotions will speed recovery.