What To Do If A Parrot Has Diarrhea Treatment At Home
What To Do If A Parrot Has Diarrhea Treatment At Home

What To Do If A Parrot Has Diarrhea Treatment At Home
What To Do If A Parrot Has Diarrhea Treatment At Home

Almost all the diseases that parrots suffer are caused by improper bird care. Poor food, lack of light, drafts and even prolonged loud noise can lead to weakened immunity, decreased activity and, as a result, illness.

What to do if a parrot has diarrhea, and how to find out what are the causes of its occurrence? Most often, they appear due to poor-quality food, as well as an excess of greens in the diet. Fruit rot, dirty or stale food and water, uncleaned cells, unclean hosts. Also, the spraying of different aerosols near the cage and the draft can even cause diarrhea in parrots.

If there is diarrhea in a parrot, treatment should be followed immediately. The first thing to do is to check if the disease is not diarrhea, but polyuria. To do this, you need to look at the excrement itself, or rather their condition. If they retain their shape, but are accompanied by a large number of watery discharge, then this is polyuria and its treatment will be somewhat different. If the excrement is fluid and shapeless, then it is diarrhea. The general state of the parrot at this moment is suppressed, it spends most of the time at the bottom of the cage, is silent, due to violation of thermoregulation it constantly freezes.

Fruits should also be completely eliminated. To alleviate the condition of the parrot, it is recommended to give it a natural absorbent, such as, for example, activated carbon. It can be crushed and added to food and water three times a day for two to three days.

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The feathers around the anus are dirty and the anus itself is inflamed. Diarrhea, especially prolonged diarrhea, provokes a serious loss of weight by a parrot, according to the degree of thinness, you can determine how long the disease torments him. It is necessary to constantly prevent such conditions, since parrots are very tender in the matter of the stomach. Their diet should definitely include millet. Practice shows that if you remove it even for a short time, then diarrhea will not take long to wait. You also need to carefully monitor the condition of the fruits and adjust their quantity. Another common cause of this disease is a lack of calcium in the diet of the parrot. Special bars are sold that are suspended in a cage, but a crushed egg shell that can be added to food is also suitable.

The treatment itself boils down to the following actions. The parrot needs to be cleaned of dirt on the feathers, lubricate the anus with a cotton swab dipped in chamomile broth. The cage should be washed well, ventilated and covered with a clean, dry litter. The remains of bedding, food and water must be removed, as they could cause the disease or have microbial pathogens. To heat a parrot, you can use an infrared lamp, but not always. If blood is found in excrement, then it is better to refrain from this. Feed the bird very carefully, for this porridge, for example rice cooked on water without adding any ingredients, is suitable.

If the room is very noisy and there is no way to eliminate this noise, then you need to move the cage to another room or give it to relatives for a while. This, by the way, will be able to indicate whether the disease is a purely external factor that is not related to food.

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In addition, there are medicines that will help the parrot overcome the disease, they are sold in every veterinary pharmacy. With the help of drops, tablets, dry bacteria, the animal will recover faster.

A separate cause of diarrhea in a parrot may be the treatment of some other disease with antibiotics, which violates the intestinal microflora and interferes with the digestibility of food. In this case, you need to adhere to the recommendations of the veterinarian, purchase some medications and the condition will improve.

The treatment of diarrhea in parrots is the same, regardless of the type of bird. But what if the budgerigar has diarrhea, and its miniature size does not allow for some manipulations with it. In addition, budgies are very susceptible to stress, so you need to be very careful with them so as not to scare them to death. More tips apply to this type of parrot, remove all sources of microbial spread, clean the cage, create comfortable conditions for the bird to stay.

If all else fails and the parrot continues to hurt, then an urgent need to contact a veterinarian who can provide qualified assistance. Only with proper and careful care will the parrot never hurt and will delight its owners.