Different pets have their own characteristics of vision. Cats can distinguish objects in total darkness, small birds have a pink or green filter. During domestication, parrots lost some of their natural vision and acquired new ones.

This article will examine the structure of the eyes of these birds, their ability to see in the dark, and the differences between their color vision and human vision.

What is the vision of a parrot?

The eyes of this tropical bird are located on the sides of the head, so they have a viewing angle of approximately 340 °. The vision of these birds is monocular, which means that they see different pictures with two different eyes.

What Is The Vision Of Parrots

The eyes occupy almost half the volume of the bird’s head, due to their complex structure. The visual system of this bird consists of eyelids, lacrimal glands, and the eyeball. The eyeball, in turn, consists of the sclera, iris, pupil, cornea, vitreous body, retina and lens.

The visual system connects to the brain using the optic nerve and transmits electrical signals to it. The lens is one of the most important structural units of the eye; it is responsible for focusing on visible objects.

The human eye is capable of catching from fifteen to twenty frames per second, for parrots this number is more than one hundred and fifty. The frame rate of the eye determines the speed of perception and the unique reactions of these birds.

What Is The Vision Of Parrots

In just a few seconds, they can evaluate the situation in detail, and in a hundredth of a second, they can dodge the approaching threat.

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What color do parrots see the world

The bright colors of the plumage of the parrots are designed for extensive color perception in these birds. The human eye has three types of cells responsible for the perception of colors and shades, and these birds have four. These birds distinguish three times more shades than humans, and are able to see in the ultraviolet spectrum.

The ability to see ultraviolet light affects the well-being of the bird. With a lack of sunlight and a reduction in the duration of daylight hours, the parrots begin to hurt, so you need to arrange for them to be additionally illuminated with low-frequency ultraviolet lamps.

What Is The Vision Of Parrots

Do parrots see at night

Parrots living in natural conditions can navigate in space in bright light and at dusk, and temporarily go blind only in complete darkness.

Parrots that breed in captivity have lost their twilight vision.

Parrots have monocular vision and a high frame rate. Due to this, they have high reactions and have an almost circular view.

What Is The Vision Of Parrots

There are four types of cells in the retina that are responsible for color perception, so they see more shades than humans and can see in the ultraviolet spectrum.

Night vision in these birds is limited, so with the onset of dusk their movement around the house must be limited.