What Are The Types Of Domestic Parrots

Before starting a parrot, you need to think about why it is needed. It is very important to get a parrot, the look of which will suit the owner’s living conditions. If no one has been in the apartment for a long time, you should not buy a talking parrot. From boredom and loneliness, he can begin to pull out his feathers and scream loudly. In such cases, it is better to purchase small parrots living in pairs.

General Information about Parrots

Most parrots are very friendly creatures. Sometimes they behave funny and comical, surprising and enthralling their master. Many birds, sitting in a cage, can learn different games and tricks. Some species are fine imitate human speech, songs, whistles and other sounds that they hear.

When purchasing a parrot, you should remember that he needs proper care. He constantly needs to communicate with him, he does not tolerate loneliness and begins to act up. This is a noisy bird that spreads its food everywhere and leaves droppings. Therefore, a person leading a calm and measured lifestyle, this bird will not fit. If a person’s lifestyle fits the character of this pet, you should go to the bird market and choose a feathered friend.

Types of Domestic Parrots

Domestic parrots are:

  • Large (macaw, jaco, cockatoos, amazons).
  • Medium (Corelli, Lorikeet).
  • Small (budgies, lovebirds).

Types of talking parrots:

  • African gray.
  • Ara.
  • Amazon.
  • Indian.
  • Lovebirds.
  • Corella the nymph.
  • Eclects.
  • Budgies
  • The Australian Parrot.

Next, consider the most popular types of parrots living at home.

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The most popular type of domestic parrot. They are often brought up by families with small children. They can be kept one at a time, in pairs or several. These birds belong to the talking species of parrots. They practically do not make noise. Love attention from the person, quickly learn hands and easily learn various tricks. Looking after them is very easy. Budgies are small in size, so they do not require a large cage. Live from 10 to 25 years.


This is a medium sized bird. His other name is nymph. Well suited for families with children, because if they peck, it will be completely painless. They have a calm character and quickly get used to their cell. A distinctive feature of this feathered – crest on the head. In our country, this species is considered the second most popular for keeping at home, after budgies. Corella loves talking to people. It’s easy to tame her, but she’s not very willing to talk, she can learn only a few phrases.


These birds come in two varieties:

  • White-bellied Kaik.
  • Blackhead Kaik.
What Are The Types Of Domestic Parrots

Have beautiful plumage and make good contact with people. Unpretentious in content, very active and mobile. It is a pleasure to watch them. However, they cannot be taught to speak words. They got their name due to the fact that they can only live in pairs, and they choose one partner for life. Often sit tightly pressed against each other. Can live up to 20 years.

The most gifted species among parrots. According to research it was found that he has the mind of a five year old child. Having a calm character, he quickly gets used to people. Refers to the type of talking parrots. Able to pronounce not only words, but also whole sentences. They can whistle various melodies and sing songs, very well imitate the voices of different animals and accurately copy the voice of their master. Remarkably copy various sounds, for example, a phone call.

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Jacot considers himself a full member of the family. Very kind to the way the owners treat him. May even be offended and then begins to scream very much. Any change in his life causes this bird a lot of stress, even if it is just a regular rearrangement of furniture. As a result, the jaco begins to pluck feathers. Therefore, you must be very careful when making any changes. They can outlive their owners by surviving to the age of 70 years.

Belong to the genus large parrots. Due to their large size, they are difficult to keep at home. In addition, they can scream very strongly and piercingly, which not everyone can handle. Their plumage is very beautiful. The ability to learn to speak with these birds is small, but they pronounce the words very clearly and loudly. This type of parrot lends itself well to training.

If the cage in which this parrot is placed, made of thin wire, then with the help of his powerful beak the pet destroys it. Therefore, the cage must be welded from steel rods. As soon as the macaw breaks out of its confinement, it is able to destroy all the furniture in the apartment.


This parrot has white plumage, large crest and black beak. They are considered the funniest birds. They comically squat and bow their weights, actively deploying and lowering their crest. These birds are very fond of all segments of the population. They are easy to tame, but it is very difficult to teach them how to speak, achieving only a couple of phrases. They can whistle different melodies and imitate different sounds. They open constipation in the cell doors, no matter how ingenious they are.

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These birds are very moody and noisy. They can be spoiled very much if you carry them on your hands all the time, let them walk and fly around the apartment. After that them hard to get into the cage. Alone, the cockatoo begins to scream continuously and sharply until the owner approaches him. Can live up to 100 years.

Thus, there are a large number of species of parrots that can be kept at home. It remains only to make the right choice.