What Are The Parrots

Playful and sedate, bright and calm colors of parrots won the love of many. These birds are so different, there are a huge number of species and colors that fit and get lost. If you want to make a sociable friend, you should definitely figure out what parrots are to make a choice confidently and competently.

There are parrots who prefer to live in the forests, and there are those who feel great in the open. Man has long tamed this friendly and vibrant bird, but only one third of all species richness is kept in captivity. The total number of species of parrots is 315. Therefore, we will only talk about those that most often contain amateurs.

Gray parrot

Another name is Jaco. It is considered the most promising bird that can learn to speak. The plumage is pearl gray, and the tail is not too long. Royal Jacquot is covered in a reddish coating. The size of the bird is comparable to the pigeon, it is considered normal 350-400mm.

Amazon parrots

What kind of parrots are there? Amazons are known about 26 species. The size of the birds is average, approximately, like a crow or jackdaw. The main color of parrots is bright green. However, red, yellow, blue and white blotches are noticeable in plumage. Their tail is short, their beak is strong. By the name it is clear that their homeland is America.

These birds have a meek character, are well trained and easily tolerate captivity.

  • Bald Amazon. It is green with a black border around the edge of the feathers. He is medium-gifted, able to memorize and pronounce 10-15 phrases. Propagated in captivity badly.
  • Yellow-headed Amazon. The most capable of all Amazonian parrots. Its bright green plumage has a yellowish “underside”. According to the name, the front of the head is yellow, and the beak is black.
  • Blue-faced Amazon. Although his plumage is green, his forehead has a blue tint, and there are yellow spots on his head and neck. It is believed that his learning abilities are close to white-headed Amazons, that is, average.
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These cheerful parrots hail from Australia and have about 20 species. Size can be from jackdaws to black grouse. Their main color is black or white with colorful spots. Almost all species have a crest on their heads.

They are very funny, they can make the master laugh with cute crest movements, squats and bows. It is believed that cockatoos do not have chic abilities for learning speech, although they are quite capable of learning about ten words and phrases. Easy to learn to whistle and play other sounds.

There are also disadvantages to cockatoo. For example, they are extremely loud birds. So that the cockatoo does not make unpleasant sounds, it must be accustomed to silence. In addition, they are vindictive and can even get even with the offender.

What are the cockatoo parrots, it is difficult to list, there are quite a lot of species. There are yellow-cheeked cockatoo, yellow-crested, white-crested, spectacled, pink, Filipino. Each species has its own characteristics and varies slightly in size.

The largest representative of the parrot squad. They have a characteristic beak with a bent tip and a very long tail, which is longer than the length of the body. The plumage of them is very bright, cast in red, green, yellow colors. If they are looked after correctly, they can live up to a hundred years. They are rarely kept in apartments because of size, and they also have a very harsh voice.

Macaws are less capable of learning than jaco or amazon. But among them there are birds who have learned to talk quite tolerably.

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What are the parrots that can learn to talk? Talking parrots include lori. These birds have very bright plumage and are liked by everyone. It’s hard not to fall in love. However, they require special conditions, they must be kept at a constant temperature and given the opportunity to swim daily.


The budgerigar known and beloved in our area belongs to this species. These birds are very small, the size of a sparrow. This parrot came to us from Australia. Good character and unpretentiousness helped the cute bird to win the hearts of many bird lovers. Budgerigars are divided into subgroups, which are due to a different shade of plumage. These parrots can be taught to talk, it’s important not to keep them in a cage as a couple.

There are still a huge number of species and subspecies of these birds, however we tried to talk about the most beloved and common among our compatriots. When purchasing a parrot, choose one that will win your heart and will like it externally.