What And How Budgerigars Are Tweeting
What And How Budgerigars Are Tweeting

What And How Budgerigars Are Tweeting

In today’s world, people often do not understand each other, while speaking the same language. But how can we find a common language with the pets that we love, but because of natural abilities we do not always understand correctly? What do they want to convey to us? What do they feel?

We do not offer you to learn the language of dogs or dolphins, but we will try to figure out what our pets are tweeting, namely budgies. So how do budgerigars tweet.

First of all, we advise you not to be scared if, right after the purchase, the bird is not talkative. For a parrot, this is more stress, because they usually quickly get used to the situation and are reluctant to change their place of residence.

Let’s now look at how budgerigars are tweeting depending on their mood and well-being.

Sharp jerky sounds

It means that the bird is unhappy and indignant. This can be caused by an encroachment on its territory and various other factors, but, like people, the indignation will soon pass. At the same time, it is still better to check whether the pet has food and everything is in order.

Screams like quacking

May mean a protest against something or a panic. Many parrots do not like when they are picked up, or when strangers try to aggressively pet them or feed them. When the bird is particularly worried, it flaps its wings and runs around the perch or cage.

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Jerky "quack"

It may mean a desire to call relatives, or maybe the bird just does not have enough of your attention.

Extreme degree of indignation

When a bird is not just unhappy, but no longer knows how to convey its emotions to you, it silently flaps its wings on its sides.


If the parrot is silent and languidly covers his eyes, then he just wants to sleep. In this case, it is better not to interfere.

Calm coo

These quiet pleasant sounds mean that the pet is in a positive mood and is happy with what is happening. If at the same time the budgerigar tweets rather melodiously and attracts attention, then he most likely wants attention and something tasty from the owner.


Birds living in the wild usually sing actively during courtship, and domestic parrots often do this for their own pleasure. They are great at copying the songs of a wide variety of birds, so they can please the owner with jolly trills and melodic songs.

Amazing ability

Everyone knows that parrots can wonderfully copy sounds – from imitating the keyboard print to the voice of the owner with characteristic intonations. Well, if you have a desire to teach your pet how to speak, then all the cards are in hand. Over time, with the right approach, he will delight you with interesting phrases and word combinations.

In fact, parrots can express a variety of emotions, and each of them has its own character, habits, addictions. Take a closer look at your pet, talk to him. You are sure to find something new and interesting.