A caring owner who creates a comfortable environment for a parrot can significantly extend his existence. Moreover, each individual breed requires special living conditions.

Necklace parrot – a variety that is characterized by a bright green color of feathers. At the same time, their main feature is the presence of a dark strip on the neck, the so-called necklace. Parrots have a long stepped tail and a large rounded sharp beak. The size of these birds can reach up to 40-50 centimeters. Based on the fact that Africa is the birthplace of necklace parrots, they feel most comfortable in a warm and humid environment. At home, with proper care, birds can live up to thirty years.

What Affects The Life Expectancy Of Parakeets

How to extend the life of a parrot?

Necklace parrots easily suffered domestication. They are quickly tamed and make contact with a person. Some individuals may even repeat words and simple phrases. In order for the parrot to feel comfortable and please the hosts as long as possible, some rules should be followed. Among them:

  1. Temperature regime – although some breeders say that birds of this species can easily tolerate cold, for the most comfortable living of a parrot at home, you should keep the temperature at 23-26 degrees. Humidity should also be controlled within 60-70%.
  2. Daylight hours – necklace parrots come from the tropics, where the day lasts at least 12 hours, so at home, especially in winter, it is necessary to use special lamps for artificial lighting.

What Affects The Life Expectancy Of Parakeets

  1. Walking and flying – for well-being and health, in general, parrots need physical activity. Therefore, you should let the birds fly, otherwise their wing muscles may atrophy. Before the parrot leaves its cage, you should inspect the room for dangerous things. Anything that could harm the bird needs to be hidden. In addition, to maintain the proper level of physical activity, a variety of toys are used, for example, swings, stairs.
  2. Cage – based on the fact that the necklace parrots are large enough, they need a large cage. The optimal size is 150x50x50 centimeters.
  3. Hygiene – in order to avoid the reproduction of parasites in the poultry house, you should regularly clean. Once a month, the cage and all its components must be treated with a disinfectant. In addition, the parrots themselves also need to observe the rules of basic hygiene. It is necessary to provide them with the opportunity to regularly swim in clean water. For this, special swimsuits are usually hung.
  4. Nutrition – directly affects the health and how the parakeet feels. How many years live birds in many respects depends on feeding. Oats, millet, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, seasonal fruits, for example apples, must be present in the diet. Also, parakeets love sprouted wheat and a variety of nuts. For one individual, 30 grams of feed per day is sufficient. Parrots should not be overfed, because it negatively affects their health.
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What Affects The Life Expectancy Of Parakeets

  1. Communication – necklace parrots are very fond of attention and company. They are happy to make contact with the owner, so you should communicate with the bird as often as possible. If you devote a lot of time to the bird, he will learn and will repeat many phrases and words without much effort. In the learning process you can not scream at the bird.

If you follow these very simple rules, the probability of a parrot living a long, happy life and will long delight its owners increases significantly.