Before the owners of feathered friends the question arises, where to leave your parrots. In most cases, this question arises when the owner needs to go on vacation. How to solve such a problem? Where the parrot will feel good on vacation.

What to do with a parrot on vacation?

Of course, the option to take your feathered friend with you is possible, but in order to take the parrot abroad you will need to go to the veterinarian and take all the necessary information that your pet is not sick. Just as an option, you might consider giving it away on vacation:

To give your feathered friend for a while to your friends is a good option, but they will need to conduct a full briefing. It is necessary to explain to those who will monitor your pet how to care, how to feed, how much to feed, when to let it fly around the room and many other things. There are such cases that when the owner of the parrot arrived, his pet did not wait for him at all.

Vacation Parrot What To Do With It

Not everyone can cope and give him the right care and care. Indeed, in order for a pet to get used to it, time is needed, and for animals and birds it is a lot of stress. It is necessary that those who have entrusted their feathered friend with you try to feed him, wash the tank under water and clean the cage. Particularly difficult to experience the separation of cockatoos, macaws and Corelli.

Parrot alone at home

If your vacation lasts for a short period of time, for example, day 4, then it is possible to leave budgies in the house, as many bird owners did. In order to leave your parrot alone for a couple of days, you must observe a couple of rules. It would be nice if your feathered friend had a cage neighbor, so he would be much more fun.

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Vacation Parrot What To Do With It

It will also be necessary to hang two feeders in the cage, and pour a large amount of food, you can also pour food to the bottom of the cage itself. Only dry varieties of food need to be poured, no need to lay vegetables or fruits that your parrots love, the thing is that they can go bad. Also important is the water in the cell. It is necessary to hang two containers for water.

A vacation parrot can get sick, so it’s best for someone to check their pet. Lovebirds best end parting with a person.

Hotels for birds

It so happens that there is simply no one left to leave your pet, do not be upset, as there are hotels for pets. For a symbolic amount, hotel workers feed, care for and walk your pet.

People who engage in business such as a pet hotel charge a fee per day for your pets at their hotel. If you are interested in such an option as a hotel for pets, then you need to print the phrase "hotel for animals" in Google, and you will instantly get the results you need in the right city. It’s pretty simple.