Types of parrots. Colors of nature in the world of birds

Among the birds, unpretentious and sociable, includes a parrot. They are distinguished by bright plumage, learning ability, lively character. How many types of parrots made pets, difficult to count. Each owner has his own unique pet.

Types Of Parrots

Ornithologists count in nature more than 350 species of parrots. This is one of the oldest birds, which the Indians, the first to tame bright birds, even considered sacred for their ability to speak.

Types of Domestic Parrots began to replenish since the time of Alexander the Great. His warriors transported birds to the European continent, parrots settled in the territories of various states.

In a large family of parrots, a variety can be identified by a number of signs:

  • body length;
  • bird weight;
  • the shape of the beak;
  • plumage color;
  • the presence of a crest.

The description of all the relatives can be several volumes. Acquaintance with key representatives will help to imagine how many species of parrots in the world and what outstanding colors their nature has awarded.

Types Of Parrots

Types of parrots and their names


The homeland of budgies is Australia. Large colonies of hundreds of birds inhabit savannas, eucalyptus forests, semi-deserts. In places where funny birds live, there is always a source of water nearby.

In wildlife, birds are small in size, elegant in shape, with bright green-yellow or blue-white feathers. Wavy dark lines on the head gave the name to the parrots.

The character is inquisitive and friendly. It is no coincidence that they have become popular in families with children. They know how to play, lends themselves to training, birds are sociable and unpretentious to home conditions. Live on average 10-15 years.

As a result of selection selection, a lot budgerigar species by color. In addition to the natural green color, birds of violet, pink, anthracite, gray plumage and other complex species of color were bred.

Types Of Parrots

In the photo, budgies


The birthplace of birds is the territory of Africa, Madagascar. Settled in tropical forests near lakes and rivers. Medium in size and harmonious in body shape. Among different types of parrots You can recognize them by the contrasting color of the plumage on the head, neck, chest. The beak is large.

Lovebirds got the name because of the affection of couples to each other throughout life. They are removed only to the distance from which they hear their soul mate. Nearby they are looking for food, sitting at a watering place, resting.

Nests twist in old hollows. They carry blades of grass, twigs between feathers on the back. At this time, they seem large and shaggy. By nature, they are brisk and agile, they shout a lot.

Allocate 9 lovebird parrot species on the coloring of the head. Birds are able to learn 10-15 words and perform simple commands. Like relatives, they love bathing.

Types Of Parrots



Nestor’s hometown in New Zealand. It is comparable in size to a crow. Strong physique, strong long legs. Sociable and noisy birds. Some subspecies of Nestor live in mountain forests.

The parrot is threatened with extinction due to deforestation, predators, bird hunting. The famous Kea subspecies love the highlands. The bird is accused of attacks on sheep, hatching the backs of animals. But the main food of unstable parrots is berries, fruits, seeds.

Types Of Parrots

In the photo, the parrot Nestor


They love parrots no less than budgies for sociability, although he does not differ in talent for learning. But this pet can masterfully ask for delicacies from people, open cell locks.

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It is easy to recognize Corella by its funny crest on its head, gray plumage and yellow color of its head. The beak is short. Elegant birds native to Australia. It is believed that they are actually called nymphs, and the second name is folk, according to their habitat.

Tufted feathers are sometimes understood and reflect the mood of the parrot. They do not show hostility to relatives, they are even planted in cages for budgies.

Types Of Parrots

Corella Parrot

Owl parrot

The appearance of the parrot reflects the similarity to the facial oval, the plumage structure with an owl. In addition, they are also nocturnal birds. The second name of the parrot is kakapo. His homeland is New Zealand. Distinctive features of the parrot in the weak muscles of the wings, so they almost do not fly, but lead a ground life.

They live in the wild rocky corners of the island, among the bushes along the mountain rivers. They run and climb trees adroitly, clinging to the branches with their claws and beak. Since ancient times, they live in territories where there are no predators.

The plumage is yellow-green. They feed on moss and berries. The birds have an unusual voice, resembling the cry of a donkey and the hoarse grunt of a pig. Parrots were almost exterminated after the invasion of immigrants. Now the species is under protection and lives on the islands under the protection of scientists.

Types Of Parrots

Cacapo owl parrot


A large bird with a protruding crest, the look of which causes a smile. The parrot is unusually sociable and cheerful. He is ready to demonstrate love and affection for the master continuously. He shows his talent in the ability to cope with any castle. The sense of rhythm and the ability to dance willingly demonstrates at the first opportunity.

Cockatoo is attributed to mind talkative parrots. Onomatopoeia allows you to bark the dog. After training, the parrot can answer the question, give a name, even sing a short song. The voice is piercing and loud, but the charm of the singer is unlimited.

The most common cockatoo is white plumage with a bright contrasting crown on the head. In the color scheme there are never green and blue shades, common in other species. Cockatoo’s peculiarity is in its unusual strong beak, which will turn wooden rods and furniture elements into chips.

In wildlife, lives in flocks in the Philippine Islands, in Australia, Indonesia. Adapt well. They feed on plant foods and insects. They are distinguished by great affection for the chosen one, while remaining faithful to their whole lives. The duration of their century is 70-90 years.

Types Of Parrots

Pictured is a pink cockatoo

An African parrot with amazing gray plumage and high bird intelligence. Conversational qualities are perhaps the most excellent among relatives. The lexical stock of this kind of talking parrot reaches 1,500 words. Although the bird requires careful and competent care, many dream of making such a feathered friend.

Jaco is red-tailed and brown-tailed. In nature, birds live in rainforests. They fly long distances for food, but return to their usual places to spend the night. The fruits of the oily palm are the favorite food of parrots.

Domesticated birds need constant communication. All the affairs of the owner must occur with the participation of the pet. He needs to be carried away by games, tasks, conversations, swimming.

Loneliness and lack of attention the bird experiences painfully, the character noticeably deteriorates. The parrot begins to engage in self-destruction. Plucking their feathers is a sign of the social and physiological problems of jaco.

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Birds live for about 50 years, preserving the vitality and energy of a smart and inquisitive child. For friendship, the parrot answers with trust, sincere affection and affection.

Types Of Parrots

In the photo is a parrot Jaco

Ara parrot

The most elegant and multi-colored macaw parrot shimmers with rainbow colors. The large size of the bird is also impressive: the height with the tail reaches 90-96 cm. The beak in the form of a strong hook is noteworthy. According to ornithologists, this is the strongest beak of a parrot.

4 species of birds are distinguished by variety of color, among which there is a very rare hyacinth macaw. In nature, parrots live in Brazil, in America, Mexico, and Peru. Perfectly fly, overcome up to 500 km per day. They eat a lot of fruits, so they can do without water for a long time.

Unfortunately, macaw species are endangered. Hunters are trusted and destroy whole species of parrots. Ara – Monogamous. The loss of a partner is accompanied by the inconsolable state of the second parrot. At this time, he is very vulnerable.

They are willing to communicate with a person, but not everyone will decide to take a pet home. The reason is not only the size and loud cries of the bird, but also a strong attachment to the owner. Ara will require constant attention and care, like a small child.

Amazingly intelligent and capable birds learn to ask for food, drink, express a desire to communicate, greet the interlocutor. The character of the pet is formed in relation to him.

Types Of Parrots

Ara parrot

Collared Parrot

In Australia, the birthplace of collared parrots, they can be found in parks next to a person. The name was given by a colored strip around the head. Very active, colorful, love warmth and live in tall grass, among shrubs.

The peculiarity of parrots is that they feed on the ground. The diet includes grains, seeds, fruits, berries, insect larvae. Keep in flocks, show friendliness and trust. Locals believe that such parrots bring happiness. Life expectancy up to 30 years.

Types Of Parrots

Collared Parrot

Necklace parrot

In nature, necklace parrots live both in Asia and in Africa. The size is medium, up to 50-60 cm with a tail. The color is mainly green, on the chest there is a pink rim, which gave the name to the species. Females and young without a necklace. The top of the beak is red, the bottom is black.

Breeding unpretentious birds comes from the ancient era. When walking, the bird rests on its beak. A characteristic mode of movement is associated with the natural weakness of the legs. The friendly nature and intelligence of the bird makes it popular among lovers of domestic birds.

Types Of Parrots

Necklace parrot

Amazon Parrot

Medium-sized parrot, lives in the savannahs of America, on the islands of the Caribbean. Among types of talkative parrots Amazons in the forefront. The onomatopoeia talent is combined with playfulness, cheerfulness. With it you can prepare a circus performance. The parrot has excellent memory.

For more than 500 years, Amazons have been kept in families. Communication with the bird brings a lot of positive emotions. An excellent companion in all fun, games, communication. They live up to about 45 years.

Types Of Parrots

On the photo amazon parrots

Grass parrot

Small birds, up to 20-25 cm long, native to southern Australia. Landing of these parrots is associated with tall grasses, undergrowth thickets, and steppe vegetation. Fly low, over short distances. They run well in search of seeds, fruits and insects.

In color, in addition to natural varieties, parrots of various color combinations are bred. In captivity, the birds do not cause trouble, sing melodiously, lead an active life at home. Additional illumination is required at dusk, most significant for birds. The cells must be long for movement along the bottom. They live up to 20 years.

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Types Of Parrots

Grass parrot

Parrot monk

Birds live in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, South America. Feature – in the construction of large nests and the neighborhood with people. The prevalence of monk parrots in cities can be compared with the usual pigeons. Kalita and Quaker are varieties of monks.

They live in colonies. For the destruction of crops and garden fruits, monks are considered pests. They especially love apples and peck them on trees. Huge nests, up to 3 m in diameter, build several pairs of parrots, constructing a communal apartment.

All have a separate entrance, nurseries and corridors. Males bring materials and construct a dwelling, while females arrange substrates and exits inside. Monks often become favorites in the house. Adapt and communicate with the owners, distinguishing their names. Much attention is paid to playgrounds. They love music and even hum themselves.

Types Of Parrots

In the photo a parrot monk


In Australia, these birds are not considered pests, although they feed on farmland. Seeds of weeds, larvae of harmful insects, and not just fruits and crops are fed.

Rosell is distinguished by its unusual plumage plumage. 7 types of rosella are distinguished according to the color characteristics. Their size does not exceed 30 cm. Variegated birds move in short flights, quickly run on the ground. Birds are called flat-tailed for the appearance and structural features of the tail.

At home, birds are selective for feed, not always ready for breeding due to their picky partner. But if the family was formed, then the parents are ready to care for not only their chicks, but also strangers. They do not tolerate neighborhood with other parrots, they can show zealous aggression. They sing great, but they don’t want to talk. Friendly to the person.

Types Of Parrots

Rosella parrot

Loridae parrots

The name of the bird translated from Dutch means “clown”. Lori is small in size, from 20 to 35 cm. Inside the species there are many varieties, while the common feature is manifested in the form of a tongue, adapted to the frequent intake of juicy fruits, tree sap, plant nectar.

At home, it is important to feed the loris correctly. Flowers, fruits and vegetables, fresh juices should be in the diet of a parrot. Birds show great abilities in training, memorizing words. Active, fearless, they themselves choose their favorite owners, who are given special signs of attention. The content in the cell is not like.

Types Of Parrots



Small birds, up to 35 cm long, live in America. Pet owners jokingly call them "dostalami". Beautiful iridescent shades of aratings and communication with them give pleasure.

Demanding for affection and attention. Conflict-free, trainable. Playful by nature, they need entertainment, therefore, rings, ladders, balls, bells and other toys are required in the cage.

The voice of the aratings is rather sharp and loud, although they coo quietly among themselves. Screams express discontent and joy alike. Tamed parrots bring a lot of joy of communication.

Types Of Parrots

In the photo parrots aratinga

Pionus Parrots

The second name of the bird is red-winged parrots. They differ from amazons in a smaller size. Plumage, at first glance, seems inexpressibly gray, but in the sun it shimmers with bright shades of green, red, blue. A common feature of all types of pionuses is a red spot under the tail.

The bird is calm in nature, not requiring the owner of toys and special attention. But the bird needs communication and physical activity. Pionus learning abilities are average, quite sufficient to establish contacts and friendships with this wonderful bird.

Types Of Parrots

Red-headed Parrot Pionus