Parrot For Home - Behavioral Patterns And Types Of Parrots

Tell me, who is the most cautious and cunning in your house? Who needs to be caught all over the apartment in order to just pick it up? Who constantly teases you and instead of an alarm clock in the morning wakes you with a ringing trill? And who, with his bright look and constantly cheerful look, cheers you up even on the most gloomy day? Of course … a parrot. Most of us strive to continue the phrase with the word “wavy”. However, not only budgies can live in our house and delight us with their "parrot" qualities. About the features of the behavior of parrots and the domestic species of these birds – our publication …

Features of the behavior of parrots at home

If you have ever dealt with a parrot and this feathered creature lived in your house, then you will probably agree that this charming miracle is, in fact, not too whimsical in matters of content. But, as soon as this feathered creature appears in your house, it immediately becomes a universal favorite. And, if you try a little, show patience, and your parrot, for its part, will be smart, then soon the bird will master a few simple phrases that will amuse and delight you.

Another character trait for parrots is that they are all terrible badasses, and if in your house, except for the parrot, there are also pets, then be sure that you can’t do without hassles, and your parrot will be the first to attack. And, representatives of the feline family in these conflict situations are no exception. So, it is the parrot that will attack the cat faster, and not vice versa.

Also, parrots, in view of the peculiarities of their character, simply cannot imagine their lives without complicating this life for anyone else, therefore, having a parrot in your house, be afraid of objects falling on your head from the light wing of your parrot. Well, if you suddenly decide to chastise a feathered pest, or even worse, punish (lock it in a cage), be prepared for bird revenge (a terrible thing, I’ll tell you!). Also, your parrot will not forget to take revenge if you suddenly disturb his dream (in fact, parrots are terrible whores) and do it very sophisticatedly – he will wake you and your whole family on a day off, earlier than usual.

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Also, all parrots are quite companionable creatures that can watch a cartoon with a child and listen to music with a teenager, and even discuss the news with you. Therefore, if you expect that in the company of this bird you will not be alone – your calculation is absolutely correct.
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Rosella Parrots

We deliberately did not describe budgerigars, and the features of their content – there are enough publications about this, but we decided to present you with an “alternative” to the budgerigar – Rosell. Such parrots are also distinguished by a colorful and bright plumage, as well as a good-natured and cheerful disposition. Rosella will easily pick up the “key” to the heart of every resident of your apartment and become an equal member of your family, having the right to vote on the family council. But only if you are thinking of teaching Rosella to talk – we hasten to disappoint you – these parrots do not speak, but they love and know how to sing and play melodies, therefore, if you are counting not on dialogue, but on a duet, Rosella is your parrot.

Also, it is worth remembering that, despite her good-natured disposition, Rosella is a rather proud and even selfish bird who does not tolerate sucking and does not tolerate unceremonious treatment, therefore, throw away familiarities to the side and be prepared for what Rosella herself decides, when to honor you with your attention. True, when Rosella’s mood is lyrical, she is capable of affection and sentimentality, but such impulses are rare and not long.

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Rosella’s favorite pastime is swimming, so if the bird escapes from the cage, look for it near the tap with water.

Corella Parrot

It looks like a Corella parrot

This parrot has a crest on its head and a blush on its cheeks. You will make a great friend from Corella, who will always joyfully meet you at the doorstep and, in his own way, like a bird, to ask you how your day went. Do Corells Speak? With this, it’s a sin to hide, it’s difficult for them – they reproduce human speech very rarely and inaudibly, but imitating sounds — ringing an alarm clock, a telephone — is Corell’s favorite pastime.

These parrots almost never bite, and are indignant only on business – so if you forgot to pour food on Corell or pour water – the parrot will certainly tell you this with its piercing scream.

These birds are very curious and very smart, so do not be surprised if Corella will examine the contents of your cosmetic bag, rummage through the closet or taste food from your plate. And, even if you try to put the bird in its place, it will meet you with a flurry of obstinacy. But, if Corell has no mood – then he is not, seriously and for a long time. The bird will clog into the cage and will behave quietly, in this situation it is better to let the parrot be alone with itself.
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Lori Lori Parrots

This is how Lori Lori parrots look

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Another small bright feathered creature that can live in your house as a second after the owner. It is noteworthy that if you look closely at the plumage of Lori Lori, then in the colors of these birds you can see absolutely all the colors of the rainbow. These birds quickly and easily get used to their hands and are distinguished by their friendliness. The movement is their middle name, therefore, it is almost impossible to catch the outgoing Lori Lori from the cage. Well, and most importantly – you will not find more talkative parrots all over the world. Moreover, they learn to speak very quickly – it’s enough just a few days to periodically repeat the same phrase Laurie Laurie, as after a few days the bird will surprise you with the pronunciation of these words.

Lori Lori love to play with people, jokingly biting their beak (good, the beak is soft, therefore, from these "games" there are no serious injuries and damage to the skin). In addition, the highest degree of trust Lori Lori will show you that they will take you for … perch. So do not be surprised at Laurie Laurie, who will nest in your hair – simply, the bird sees in you a reliable rear and support.

However, despite the mass of its positive qualities, Laurie Laurie has flaws – sloppy and harsh voice. True, both the first and the second can be fought if you wish, teaching Lori Lori melodic phrases and periodically sprinkling parrot feathers with spray water.
Well, now that you know about the peculiarities of keeping parrots in the house, as well as interesting facts about the breeds and types of parrots, you can make a choice in favor of this or that bird.