Parrot Carriage
Parrot Carriage

Parrot Carriage
Parrot Carriage

If you have to move to another apartment with a parrot or if you are going on vacation and decided to leave the bird for a while with friends, then you will certainly encounter the need for transportation. It is very important to know how to approach this issue. At first glance, there is nothing complicated in it, but in fact, such manipulations can be unpleasant and even dangerous for a pet. Let’s figure out how to transport a parrot.

Parrot carriage

It is best to use a cardboard box for transporting a parrot. Of course, the parrot’s cage will go with him, but transporting a bird in it is not advisable. If you carry a parrot in an open cage, you can scare him very much. It will rush over the entire area and may be injured. In addition, the cell in the open air or in transport will not be able to protect the fragile creature from the draft and wind, because of which it can become sick.

You can transport a parrot in an ordinary cardboard box. But it should have several holes for air to penetrate, and it is advisable to cover the bottom with a rag or towel so that the legs of the parrot do not slip on it. Such a container is only suitable if the trip is not very long. For longer trips, it is recommended to use a basket with a lid, in which you can build a little pole.

If you decide to transport the parrot in a cage, be sure to cover it with dark cloth so that it is calm and not afraid. But it is worth considering that his own cell after the trip may no longer seem as comfortable and safe for him as before. Although on the train he will not feel so much discomfort as in a car.

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How to transport a parrot?

To minimize the stress of moving for a parrot, you need to know some nuances regarding the procedure for its transportation. Caution should be taken not only to the road, but also to the transfer of poultry to the vehicle from the house – always closed. On the trip, he also should not see what is happening around. You can not put a carry or box with a parrot in a plastic bag. Firstly, it rustles greatly, which causes the parrot to excite. Secondly, it limits the access of oxygen. For convenience, you can use a rag bag.

You need to carry the parrot very carefully, trying not to loosen it inside the carrier, so that it does not slip over the entire area. On the way, do not forget to periodically communicate with the parrot, so that he knows that you are nearby and feel more relaxed. If you are traveling in a car, place the parrot in a box in the back seat, and securely fasten it so that it does not hang to the sides and does not tip over.

Upon arrival at the place, it is not recommended to get and carry the parrot into the cage by hand. For him, it will be stressful, or he will just break out and fly away. Take the box in which he was traveling, and move to the door of the cage and the bird itself will move there.

If the move is done correctly, the parrot quickly adapts to a new place and forgets about an unpleasant event in his life.