To date, parrots have become real friends of many people, they are brought up as pets. Of course, before you make a feathered friend, you need to study the conditions of the birds, the rules of care and proper nutrition, how to equip them with a good place. Also, many are interested in the question – how many parrots live?

The life span of a parrot depends on many factors. The most important is the breed of bird. So, small parrots live less than large pets. An important role is played by the habitat of birds, the conditions of their maintenance, proper nutrition and a suitable temperature and light regime. Everyone who wants to make a feathered friend should know that everyday care and care will extend his life for many years.

When buying a parrot, everyone is interested in their life expectancy. Of course, they are voiced the maximum terms that were mentioned by poultry farmers. At the same time, no one takes into account the factors due to which birds can die prematurely. These include:

  • The disease of the parrot and the failure to provide him with medical care on time;
  • Improper conditions and food;
  • The bird flew out the window;
  • The parrot ate something poisonous;
  • The parrot died in an accident (crashed during the flight, bit through an electric wire).

So if you have a pet, make sure that it does not get injured or does not die. After all, you are responsible for those who tamed.

Before you bring the parrot to your home, study the information on how to behave with it, what can be given to a bird, and what is forbidden, which cage needs to be purchased. There is a lot of similar information today, so you just want to, and you will become a specialist in the field of keeping parrots.

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Who are macaw parrots and what do we know about them?

The macaw parrot is a large breed, and is very bright, large and beautiful. They can often be seen in zoos and at exhibitions. If you decide to make yourself such a colorful pet, then it is worth remembering that they do not really like other pets. In some cases, Ara can even be quite aggressive towards them. Everything is explained easily – parrots always want to be in the spotlight and do not tolerate exchanging their owners for other "residents".

Ara parrots have beautiful colors with yellow, blue, red and green flowers. The birds themselves are quite large, in weight they can reach two kilograms. Their length is 95 centimeters.

The beak of birds is very strong and strong, they gnaw branches and nuts with it. In addition, he is distinguished by unusual beauty and is rightfully the pride of Ara.

Do not forget about the voice capabilities of the parrot. He has a very strong and sonorous voice, Ara easily imitates the various sounds he heard: the voices of many animals, coughing or creaking doors. And although in the colloquial genre they are not very successful, they can remember up to a hundred words. In order to get good results in this regard, you need to constantly train the bird.

Macaw Parrot Life Span

How many live?

To answer this question, first of all, it is worth considering their habitat. After all, wildlife and domestic conditions are completely different concepts. So, living in freedom, their maximum age can reach one hundred years. Today, there are about 17 species of Ara parrots, each of them differs not only in appearance, but also in life expectancy. Therefore, you can’t talk about any specific figure.

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If we take into account the recorded data, which are by no means record or average indicators, then we can talk about the life expectancy of different species of Ara parrot:

  • The green-winged parrot survived to 51 years;
  • Scarlet’s Macaw lives up to 33-37 years;
  • Small soldier Ara lived up to 46 years, and a large soldier – up to 29 years;
  • The blue-yellow parrot can live up to 43-50 years.

At home, the life expectancy of Ara reaches an average of 30-40, and sometimes 50 years. Parrots of this species are centenarians in comparison with other breeds. Therefore, acquiring such a feathered friend, remember that he will live with you for a long time. But in order to prevent premature death of the bird, you need to take care of proper care and good nutrition.

Macaw Parrot Life Span

How to care for a macaw parrot?

If you decide to buy yourself an Aru parrot, then, first of all, you need to take care of a large cage with thick and strong metal bars. After all, with its powerful beak, Ara can bend and break an ordinary thin wire. The size of the cage should correspond to the size of the bird so that it has a lot of space. But if the area allows, then for such a pet it is better to equip an aviary, or keep it outside the cage.

Parrots do not tolerate sudden changes in temperature, as well as drafts, so it is better to avoid these factors.

Daylight hours for birds should be at least 12 hours. Especially in winter, you should take care of an additional light source, because, as you know, it gets dark early enough on the street. And in the winter season, the bird may not have enough natural light.

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In the cage, it is necessary to lay the litter, it is often done with sawdust. But do not forget to change it regularly, and the bird itself needs to be bathed under a warm shower.

Equally popular among parrot lovers is the Alexandrian parrot. It has a very beautiful feather color and is very unpretentious in care. As for life expectancy, the Alexandrian parrot also belongs to centenarians, it lives up to 20 years. But if you properly care for the bird and provide it with the necessary conditions for life, then the figure may increase to 30.