Parrots accept considered calm, friendly creatures. However, they can suddenly change their behavior and begin to bite painfully. Consider what to do if the parrot bites, and how to wean the bird from this.

Why did the parrot become aggressive and bite

In the wild, these birds use their beak to move along branches, get food and communicate with their kind. In captivity, they can be aggressive using their beak as a weapon.

A bite can occur for the following reasons:

  1. Fear or protection from something. In the natural environment, in any situation that the bird does not like, it can fly away. In captivity, this is impossible, so the bird has no choice but to attack or defend.
  2. Lack of attention. Thus, the pet simply pays attention to its person, since after a bite a person screams loudly from surprise, and such sounds are very much like by birds.
  3. Puberty. Under the influence of hormones, the bird can behave abnormally. In anticipation of a couple, a parrot can attack not only human fingers, but also the cage itself.
  4. He thus plays. The bird can simply play, not realizing what causes this discomfort. It’s especially encouraging if the owner yells at her.
  5. Complex nature. Since the chick immediately after birth explores the surrounding world with its beak, it can continue to do the same, if older birds did not teach it not to do this at one time.
  6. He is sick, and so wants to point it out.. During ailments, the bird becomes irritable, and, unfortunately, all the aggression goes to the owner.
How To Wean Parrots Biting

How parrots bite

Depending on the situation, the bite can be of different strengths.

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Does it hurt

A parrot can bite in different ways. Sometimes they do it lightly, without causing great discomfort, but due to unexpectedness, a person can cry out and pull his hand away. In addition, the pet can bite by the ear or cheek, walking on the shoulder of the owner.

Parrot bitten to blood: what to do

There are times when a parrot bites so hard that blood can even come out. In such a situation, it is recommended to rinse the wound with hydrogen peroxide and glue the patch. Since his beak is small, he will not be able to inflict a serious wound, so the discomfort will quickly pass.

How To Wean Parrots Biting

How to wean a parrot from biting

First of all, it is important that the owner understands what is moving the pet. Regardless of the reason, retaliatory aggression is an ineffective way to solve the problem. This can completely destroy the trust between the bird and the host.

The best way is to abruptly say “DO NOT” and leave the room, leaving the bird alone. This will give her an understanding that you do not like her behavior, and if she does so again, she will be deprived of your attention.

How To Wean Parrots Biting

In the future, try to prevent an attempt to bite you. If once again it doesn’t work out, you don’t need to react too violently to this; repeat “DO NOT” again and leave the room.

It is important to understand that the education and training of birds is no different from parenting. In this case, you also need love, patience and understanding, which should be with you daily.