How To Transport A Parrot In A Car

Ornithologists remind the owners of animals that in most cases any trip is a factor of worry and anxiety for them. After all, all reflexes they form on a specific situation: a cage, a drinking bowl, time. And if all these factors are eliminated, then the bird feels unprotected and is forced to adapt to another environment. But this rule has its exceptions. And an example of this is birds regularly traveling with their owners. For them, such movements become ordinary events. Anyway, the main task of the owner is to organize the trip in such a way as to minimize all fears of the pet, to create comfort, peace, warmth during transportation in the car.

Of course, there are situations when there is no time to go looking for a special carrier for a feathered friend, you choose the box that is in the house. Remember! It in no case should be from under household chemicals. If it seems to you that this item does not smell and is suitable for transporting birds in a car, then you are deeply mistaken. After all, we are not as sensitive to odors as birds. And they, with their delicate scent and gentle, miniature respiratory organs, will be forced to inhale vapors of the remains of chemistry all the way.

For large breeds of parrots, such as amazon or cockatoo, cats are often used for trips. You can equip them with poles, drinkers, feeders with your own hands. That is, in this way to create a temporary analogue of your feathered cell.

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Many bird owners wonder why an ordinary parrot cage is not suitable for transportation in a car. The answer is known to those who had the imprudence to transport the bird like that. Firstly, the bird sees an unfamiliar environment, flickering pictures when moving at speed and gets stress. Secondly, the parrot from this can begin to rush around the cage and as a result will get injured. If you are going to drive along a rural road, for example, to a country house, there are many pits. Abrupt braking and shaking the transport helps the parrot to hit the rods. Therefore, an ordinary bird cage is not suitable for its transportation in a car.

When you need to travel long distances, you can use a basket with a lid for transportation. In it you can make a perch. If the distance of your trip is small, for example, to a veterinarian, then you can do without a pole. But drink and food in the basket are needed.

Do not forget that the first enemy of the parrot is a draft. Therefore, regardless of whether you are driving far or very close, do not open windows in the car. A minute or two of a draft is enough for the trip to turn into an illness of your feathered friend. Drafts are dangerous for him in any weather.

How To Transport A Parrot In A Car

If the bird needs to be transported in the car in the winter, and it does not warm up well, then think about how to create the heat of a parrot. It is better to warm up the car in advance and then wrap it carefully or carry the box with the bird.

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As for the size of the shipping box, it can be 30x20x20 for an ordinary budgerigar. At the bottom of it is necessary to lay a towel, a rag so that the paws of the bird do not slip. But you need to place the bird there before the trip, but in advance. You can do this in two days, giving the bird an opportunity to learn a new situation, get used to it. Then, on the day of the trip for the bird, the box or carrying will already be a familiar subject, and thus the stress factor will decrease. On the road, you need to talk with the bird, address it by name, treat it with your favorite treats. It is advisable to either carry the box in the back seat on your hands or secure it so that the bird shakes less. From the driver in such a trip requires accuracy. It is necessary to try to do without sharp braking.