How To Train Budgies

Regular training of a parrot is the key to his obedience and close communication between the owner and the wavy pet. Domesticated birds with proper training are capable of much and can perform various commands and tricks. The main thing is to take into account the nature of the budgie and encourage its correct actions. How to train such a pet, you will learn in this article.

Important points

Goodies Selection

In order for the budgerigar to begin to perceive training not as violence, but as a sign of attention and respect from the owner, it must first be accustomed to itself. If the bird can not only eat with you, but just sit quietly on your shoulder, it means that complete trust has been established between you. We have revealed this topic in detail in the article “How to tame the budgerigar”.

How To Train Budgies

While you are trying to teach a bird to eat from your hand, you need to carefully monitor which product it prefers. It is this delicacy that can become for the parrot the main motivation for the correct execution of your commands. Timely promotion will help you consolidate your pet’s acquired skills.

Remember that you need to train a bird only on an empty stomach. Classes stop immediately after the parrot is full.

How To Train Budgies

Fundamental rules

Training a wavy pet should be daily. It’s not worth spending lesson more than fifteen minutes – for a longer time, a parrot can get tired and lose its understanding of what is required of it. It’s best to train a parrot in the form of a game, then training will turn into a pleasure not only for the bird, but also for you.

Trying to teach your pet something new, do not try to take on several tasks at once – so you just confuse him. First, fully train the budgie in one movement, and only then proceed with the new task. Do not forget to repeat the lesson to consolidate it.

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How To Train Budgies

For better assimilation of the material, visually show the bird the actions or objects associated with the task. Do not forget about the intonation of the phrases you pronounce. The budgerigar quickly remembers emotionally colored commands.

For example, when trying to teach your pet to properly respond to the “Eat” command, always pronounce it clearly and loudly. Be sure to show the bird food, preferably with your favorite ingredients. Gradually, the parrot will understand what you want from him. At the first familiar intonations of the voice, he will fly to eat, no matter what he does.

How To Train Budgies

During training, always talk with the budgie in a gentle and calm tone. Do not get angry and do not yell at the pet if it does not do what you want from it. These birds are extremely susceptible to harsh and irritating sounds. If she is frightened of you, then she will stop making contact. Only patience and absolute calm will help you teach a budgie something.

When training a wavy pet, you cannot take it by wings, legs, head or tail, you cannot push a bird or poke its beak anywhere. The parrot will perceive such movements as an attack and will lose all confidence in you.

A pet can learn a lot, but the fastest way is to teach him what he really likes. Therefore, before you begin to train the budgerigar, observe its behavior. With his habits, he will tell you what movements he likes.

How To Train Budgies

The budgerigar can perform many different commands and tricks, because there is practically no limit to their talent. For example, you can teach him the following:

  • to the “To me”, “Bring”, “Throw”, “Forward”, “Forward”, “Back”, “Walk” teams;
  • tricks “beat off the ball”, “ladder”, “coin”.

Teaching teams and tricks

"To me"

If you want the parrot to fly up to you, call it by name at the same time as the “To me” command and put up your hand. You can quietly pat the place where the bird should sit. Be sure to praise her as soon as the assignment is done.

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Bring it

Everyone is used to the fact that the “Bring” command is performed by dogs, however, the “wavy” can cope with this task. To teach the bird this order, you must first prepare a suitable subject. It will be brought by the pet. The best option would be a small lightweight ball that a parrot can take in its beak without swallowing. The ball can be replaced with any other thing, suitable in size.

First, show the bird that the ball is not dangerous – give it a subject for acquaintance. Encourage the parrot every time he touches the item. As soon as the pet gets used to the ball, raise it above the bird’s head. When she takes the ball into her beak – praise the parrot again. Roll the ball near you and say the command “Bring”. Pet brought you a ball? So he deserved a treat.

How To Train Budgies

Beat the Ball

After the parrot has learned to bring the ball, you can train him to beat. To do this, first show the interested bird how you do it, and then roll the ball to its legs. Gradually, this trick can be complicated and start tossing the ball so that the pet can beat it off with its beak.

“Drop it”

If the bird is constantly interested in your things (rings, buttons, etc.), you can divert her attention to something else with the help of the Throw command. When you notice that the pet wants to start the game with a prohibited item, call it by name, add “Drop” and show your favorite toy in advance. When he switches to the thing you need, praise.

How To Train Budgies

Forward and Down

To teach a parrot to execute the Forward command, you need to lightly touch its chest with your finger or perch, prompting the bird to take a step in your direction. At the first attempt of the pet to perform the desired action, say “Forward”. Shake your finger or perch slightly so that the pet jumps off the perch. Perform these movements under the Down command. When he climbs and when he jumps down, encourage him with a delicious and affectionate word.

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To make the budgie leave your finger or perch, place another object in front of its chest. The bird should step over to another place. To do this, gently touch it with a new object at the same time as the “Step” command. Do not forget to praise the pet for the correct completion of the assignment.


After the bird begins to walk from one subject to another, you can teach it to "ladder". With this trick, the pet must walk on all your fingers at least one hand or several hearts in a row. Using the Forward command, move your finger or perch, on which the parrot should step. Timely encouragement will stimulate him.

How To Train Budgies


It’s not so difficult to teach a bird a coin trick. The essence of the problem is that the parrot should take the coin in its beak to the jar and throw it inward to other coins. First, teach your pet to take a coin with its beak, then go with it in the right direction, and only then – throw it in a jar. Do not rush, train the bird gradually. Until the pet learns to perform a simple action, do not force it to do complex.

Help during training

How To Train Budgies

You need to click the clicker at the moment when the budgerigar has taken the necessary action. This item can be used by all family members, and not just the owner, the thing is always the same click. This does not confuse the pet and allows you to set it up for friendly communication.

The clicker method differs from the usual training in that instead of the usual promotion, the device is clicked first, and only then is the snack. Gradually, double promotion is replaced only by a click. This saves both time and money spent on a treat.

How do you train your bird? What can she do?

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