Under natural conditions, the parrot bathes in rainwater and dew. This helps him maintain a healthy and clean plumage, which is very important for birds. Water procedures keep the skin and feathers in perfect condition, relieve itching and discomfort during shedding, so our pets should be provided with conditions for such a procedure.

How To Teach A Parrot To Swim, The Rules Of Swimming

How to teach a parrot to swim?

Do not think about how to make a parrot swim. He himself should want to splash around in the water, so approach this process with caution: do not rush things, try to find a way that will be pleasant for your pet, encourage any of his desires to play in the water. Coercion can lead to behavioral problems associated with fear of water

When you look at bathing parrots (video or photo), you always get the impression that they like it incredibly. But remember that sometimes birds just do not have the mood to take water treatments on a particular day. Therefore, you do not need to insist if the feathered pet does not want to today.

Ways to bathe parrots

There are many ways in which bathing parrots can be turned into a fun game. In order to choose the right one, observe your pet, fantasize and give the bird the opportunity to choose the most comfortable and convenient option.

Many birds, like social creatures, prefer to take a shower with the owner. Before you teach a parrot to swim in this way, let him first watch how you take a shower. If the bird is afraid of this procedure, it is better to offer it a container filled with water.

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So that bathing of budgies can be fun and easy, you can throw toys or some fruits, such as grapes, into the bathing room for parrots to attract attention. This does not mean that your pet will immediately climb into the container and begin to splash, but if he is curious to get something out of the water, this is the first step on the way to getting closer to water procedures.

If you don’t know how to teach Corella to bathe, since the bird categorically refuses showering and rinsing in the container, try to interest it with the water flowing from the tap. Even a regular sink would be a great option for washing birds.

You can bathe a bird with a spray gun. But before you teach a budgie to swim in this way, you need to consider the following points. Water must be poured into the sprayer very hot, because when sprayed, it quickly cools. Do not direct a stream of water directly into the face of a feathered pet, it is better to spray water over it. Never use a spray gun as a punishment for pet misbehavior. This can emotionally injure the bird and lead to a real phobia in front of the water. The right option is to encourage the right actions with goodies for the birds and emotional praise.

Parrot bathing by the rules

Perhaps you looked at the bathing of budgies (video, photo or live) and understood how to carry out the procedure, but some points are not visually visible, but you need to know about them. There are rules that must be observed:

  • water should be clean, adding shampoo or soap is strictly prohibited;
  • It is best to carry out water procedures for pets at the beginning of the day, when it is still warm, then its feathers will have time to dry before the temperature decreases. Never perform water procedures before bedtime;
  • the temperature of the water for bathing the parrot should not be cold or hot, the bird needs comfort;
  • do not blow dry the bird after water procedures. Some hair dryers contain a non-stick coating spiral; when heated, it releases vapors that are deadly to birds;
  • the water level in the tank should be small, because otherwise the bird could drown;
  • make sure there are no drafts in the room or bathroom;
  • A bathing parrot should not be left unattended.
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How To Teach A Parrot To Swim, The Rules Of Swimming

After washing, you may notice that your feathered friend is trembling. This reaction is the result of muscle contraction to provide stronger heat and faster drying of the feathers.

Turn bathing of your parrot into fascinating entertainment, fun gameplay, for example, hanging wet twigs and greens in a cage. No matter how the parrots bathe, the main thing is that it brings them pleasure! Only in this case the feathered pet will delight you with its healthy, clean plumage and good mood.

Other components of proper maintenance besides bathing

Hygiene is a prerequisite for the proper maintenance of a winged pet. But if you want to ensure his health and longevity, then other components are needed. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material “6 principles of taking care of a parrot,” which covers such elements as: a healthy diet, sleep, entertainment and toys, and, of course, the social factor (human and bird communication).