Bathing parrots is one of the important stages of care. But not all birds love water procedures. Some are ready to swim every day, while others can do this quite rarely. However, it is necessary for a parrot to swim, so it is important to know how to bathe a cockatiel parrot.

How To Teach A Parrot Corella To Swim

Water procedures help maintain the purity and bright color of the plumage of Corellus, facilitate molting by softening the coating of new feathers. They also relieve dry skin in birds, which plays an important role, because parrots have a high body temperature.

How to tame a Corella to swim

An important point in bathing Corella is that you can’t force a bird to do this, otherwise it may develop a fear of water. If your pet is not eager to swim, then you need to know how important it is to tame a Corella to bathe gradually. Wait for the moment when the pet wants to swim himself. Sometimes there is a moment that the bird simply does not have a mood.

Sometimes Corella tries to swim in a drinker. Then put the bathing suit in a cage and wait for the parrot to show interest. If this does not happen, then you can put in it a piece of your favorite parrot fruit. Not necessarily a bird immediately climb into the water, but already interested, close to the water. This will be the first step in deciding how to teach Corell to swim. Instinctively, the noise of rain or running water can affect a parrot.

Several Ways to Wash a Corella Parrot

An interesting way is how to bathe a Corella from a sprayer. It is necessary that these were small particles of water, and not one stream, which can scare a budgie. To accustom your pet to this type of bathing, you can first spray flowers next to the cage for several days, then accidentally fall onto a bird. Look at her reaction. If Corella is afraid, then try this again in a day. If the bird reacted calmly, then it is possible to gradually increase the amount of water falling on it. If time passes, and Corella is not used to spraying, then choose another bathing method.

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How to wash a cockatiel parrot under a tap or shower. Some birds love this way of swimming. In this case, it is important to ensure that the water pressure is not too strong and that the parrot does not come in contact with detergents. You can place a small towel so that the paws of the bird do not slip. And of course, the sink or bath should be clean. If you have not very clean water flowing from the tap or it contains a lot of impurities, then it is better to use another method.

Sometimes birds like to mess around in wet grass and leaves, as in nature they wash themselves in dew. How to bathe a Corella parrot in this case? Collect grass and leaves away from the road, make sure that the plants are not treated with chemicals. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly and put them in a cage. From time to time, you can moisten the plants from the spray gun, and after a while replace them with fresh ones.

How To Teach A Parrot Corella To Swim

The basic rules of how to bathe Corella

Despite the fact that conducting water procedures seems quite simple, you need to know some important points:

  • Water must be clean, do not add shampoo or soap.
  • The temperature should be at room temperature, a little warm. If your bird likes to swim under a spray bottle, then the water should be hotter, because it cools until it reaches the parrot.
  • The water level should be no more than 2-3 cm so that the bird does not drown.
  • Do not leave your pet unattended if he bathes on his own.
  • Close windows and doors in the room to avoid drafts.
  • Bathing a Corella is best done in the morning, so that the parrot has the opportunity to dry.
  • Do not blow dry your pet. Teflon coating releases substances hazardous to birds. In addition, blow-drying can dry the parrot’s skin. If the parrot is too wet, you can use paper napkins. The main thing is not to scare the bird.
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How To Teach A Parrot Corella To Swim

The topic of bathing Corella may ask how often this can be done. If the bird likes water procedures, then at least every day. There will be no harm from this. And if it cheers up your pet, then it will be only good. Moreover, if the air becomes dry due to high temperature and heating devices, you do not have to worry about the condition of the skin of the parrot.

When bathing a Corella gives her pleasure, it is noticeable by her behavior, she spins, exposes her breast, and raises her wings. Choose the way that your bird will like, and then you will never have a problem how to tame the cockatiel to bathe. Your pet will always be clean and happy.