If there is a parrot in the house, then you should definitely try to teach him how to speak. Especially if it is a Corella – a favorite species of parrots. It is believed that they have the ability to reproduce sounds, but it is much less than that of larger species. How to teach a cockatiel parrot to say what you need to know for this? Here are a few recommendations, following which you can do this. But remember that there is no guarantee on the question "how to teach a cockatiel to talk with a cockatiel." Therefore, stop torturing the bird if you see that the business is not moving off the ground.

How To Teach A Cockatiel Parrot To Speak Tips To The Owner

How to teach a cockatiel parrot to speak? Consider the features

Many of the owners of Corella managed to ensure that their parrot learned to reproduce sounds. It is the sounds, because these birds can repeat not only human speech in the form of words, but also the sounds of nature, and household signals (ringing of the phone, alarm clock, signals of timers of devices).
However, Corella’s ability to reproduce speech is an individual trait of a particular parrot, and not a breed trait. Therefore, if your Corella does not speak after several lessons, then most likely this will never happen. Give up your attempts, do not come up with new ways of learning. And just enjoy the company of this interesting creature.

So, how to teach a Corella parrot to speak:

  1. Only one parrot should be taught. If there are two of them, it means that for the period of training the birds must be separated. Individuals in a pair do not need to communicate with someone else.
  2. More capable of learning recognized males of Corella. A talking female is a rarity.
  3. Allocate time for classes in the morning and in the evening. Their duration should be within 15-30 minutes.
  4. Start with one word – short, but clear and capacious, say, "hello." Know that the first word is the most important, having said it, your parrot may begin to recite verses. There are examples of this.
    How To Teach A Cockatiel Parrot To Speak Tips To The Owner
  5. Speak selected words clearly, clearly, and whenever possible with a high tone. Birds are more likely to perceive just such a speech. Do many repetitions, each time pronouncing the same word.
  6. Classes should not be limited to morning or evening hours only. Each time you pass a cage, say the word you learn aloud.
  7. It is more effective to deal with a parrot, which is 2.5-3 months old.
  8. To make the lessons go well, create a comfortable environment. A parrot should not distract from the process, so eliminate the sources of sounds, light. Make sure that the pet is full, not thirsty and in a good mood. Otherwise, you will only lose time.
    How To Teach A Cockatiel Parrot To Speak Tips To The Owner
  9. If you are thinking about how to teach the cockatiel to talk, then use the special learning discs. However, this does not mean that you have to step aside from the process. Disks will simply make things easier, as one word will have to be repeated countless times. In addition, these materials contain recordings of melodies and various sounds, to the reproduction of which the Corella has great abilities.
  10. Spend enough time learning, be in a good mood, do not use complex phrases, repeat words clearly and slowly. Training should be methodical and regular, and not from case to case. However, as mentioned, it must be stopped if the bird does not show the desired results for a long time.
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Here are the highlights of the learning process for a bird like the parrot corella. How to teach him to speak without problems and is it possible? Much will depend on your patience and the nature of the pet, most importantly, do not have high hopes for this process. Then in case of failure you will not experience disappointment.