A small motley parrot appeared in the house, and over time the owner is faced with the problem of how to bathe the bird properly. In different situations, they find an individual approach to a pet. It is necessary to wash the bird in any case, but not everyone knows how to unobtrusively prompt her to clean her feathers.

Whether or not to arrange a bath day

Some budgies are not clean and refuse to wash voluntarily. This happens for various reasons. Often, young individuals who have recently appeared in a new house and are still afraid of the environment, do this and do not contact the owner.

The second reason may be a stressful situation associated with water. Perhaps someone from the household accidentally gave the bird a cold shower or unexpectedly sprayed it with a direct stream from the tap or spray gun. In this case, you need to wait a while and again offer the parrot to swim.

In such a situation, the question of how to tame a budgie to bathe becomes especially acute. The bird should stop being afraid of moisture. Pure drinking water and filled birds for birds should always remain in the cage in the field of view of the parrot. If the pet does not pay attention to the filled containers, you can neatly spray warm water around it and observe the reaction. If the bird likes the likeness of tropical rain, then soon he will be happy to splash around in his own bath. If you did not succeed in redeeming the wavy in this way, you have to find another method.

How To Teach A Budgie To Wash In Different Ways

How to bathe a parrot

It is extremely important for beginners in matters of bird hygiene to know how to teach a budgerigar to swim. The main thing is not to force him and turn the whole process into a game. For example, you can collect a small basin of water a little warmer than room temperature, and put it near the cage. Open the door and splash your hands across the water, creating small waves. This process will certainly interest the parakeet, and it will fly closer to better consider what the owner is doing. When the bird grows bolder and feels free near an improvised pond, you can spray a few drops of water in its direction. If the bird likes this procedure, over time it will get used to the bathing suit.

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There are several proven ways to bathe budgies at home:

  1. To teach a bird from the first days of stay in the house to wash in a bathhouse. This is the easiest and safest way to wash budgies. The size and depth of this container is designed for a small bird, in it it will not drown and will not drown. The bathe should always be filled with clean warm water and be in the cage: in this case, the parrot will not consider the container with water to be something dangerous and scary.
  2. Spraying water from a spray bottle is one way to bathe a parrot. In this case, the natural instinct will work – in the homeland of parrots it often rains warmly, under which they clean their feathers. Imitating this natural phenomenon at home, you can wash the wavy without any problems.
  3. In moments of free movement of the budgie around the room, you can open a crane in his presence and watch the reaction of the bird. The sound of water will remind him of the sound of rain, and the parrot will be interested in the iridescent liquid. There are frequent cases when bathing a budgie occurs only under a tap or shower, and the bird does not feel the slightest discomfort.
  4. The most natural and unusual way to wash budgies is to swim in plants. Well-washed moist greens are placed in the cage, usually garden or garden herbs. This method is suitable for parrots at 100%: so they bathe in nature, in the dew of green thickets.

How To Teach A Budgie To Wash In Different Ways

Is it possible to make a parrot wash

Bathing a budgie is an absolutely natural and natural process. The love of water procedures is inherent in the bird by nature. But there are individuals who are absolutely indifferent to water. Finding a way to make your pet swim does not work. The parrot itself can clean its feathers, and the presence of water in the bath sooner or later will encourage the bird to take water procedures.

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Do not get upset if making a budgie at home is almost impossible to swim. Perhaps dislike for water is his individual feature.

Ablution Conditions

Ornithologists are often asked whether it is possible to bathe a budgie in an apartment environment. Experienced motley bird breeders respond in the affirmative. It is only necessary to observe the temperature regime during water procedures.

Note: the air temperature in the room should not be lower than 25 ° С.

Water temperature – not colder than room temperature. It is important to protect your pet from drafts and wind. Usually a budgerigar bathes in a special bath and manages its hygiene without the participation of outsiders.

If the bird is an old-timer at home, trusts the owner and makes good contact with him, in this case, for budgerigars they organize swimming under a faucet or shower. Such pets feel great in a normal car wash. The problem may be too high pressure, unregulated water temperature or loud noise. In this case, the water is turned off – for the bathing of the bird, that moisture is enough that remains on the walls of the sink.

Also, feathered breeders are faced with the question of whether it is possible to wash the bird in a drinking bowl. Parrots love to bathe in a tank designed for drinking, even if a bath is nearby. It is unlikely that we can wean a feathered pet from this habit, so it remains only to change the water after each such “swim”.

How often to bathe a feathered

Another problem of the newly-made owners of the motley bird is whether it is necessary to bathe a pet on purpose and how often to do it. It’s not worth trying to bathe a bird intentionally. The natural instinct itself will tell Pichuga how to wash its feathers. A person should only offer a pet one or another option for taking baths. The owner’s task is to provide the feathered with clean warm water on an ongoing basis. A full bath should always be in a cage.

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It should also be noted that bathing is not only a hygienic procedure for birds, but also a fun pastime and a water attraction. The more often the parrot splashes in the water, the better its mood, good spirits and health. Limit water procedures for your pet is not worth it.

How To Teach A Budgie To Wash In Different Ways


The feathered owner needs to know how to bathe the bird without consequences. To do this, you should know some of the prohibitions and taboos for bird water procedures.

  1. Bathing budgies should take place in specially sized baths. Too large and deep containers designed for larger birds can be a source of danger for small pichuga.
  2. The room should be warm and dry. While swimming, birds close all windows and doors indoors.
  3. If bathing takes place in a bath or a sink, there should be a host nearby who knows how to wash the bird without consequences.
  4. After the budgie has bathed, it should not be dried. The bird will dry itself, naturally, and using a hair dryer or fireplace will only harm the feathered skin. Also, after the budgies are bought, it is not recommended to wipe them with a hard towel – this can ruin the plumage.

Note: the water in the bath should always be warm, especially in the cold season.

The owner of the feathered bird needs to know how at home it is simple and without consequences to bathe the budgerigar. This knowledge is necessary for a person to create the right living conditions for a feathered friend. It is impossible to force a budgie to bathe, but there are many ways to teach him to love water. Water procedures are the key to a healthy and happy life of a colorful parrot. Watching the water games of feathered pets will bring a lot of positive emotions to their owner.