Budgies are the cutest of feathered pets. Over the long years of captivity, so many different subspecies of these birds have been bred, which are distinguished by their coloring, presence and shape of the crest, so that everyone can look after a copy that will appeal to him. Budgerigars, and many others, tolerate bondage well and live quite a long time.

How To Teach A Budgie To Talk And How Much Time Is Needed

These birds in natural conditions, in their homeland, in the Australian forests, live in large flocks. They are very sociable, and their friendship is absolutely not dependent on coloring and other features of appearance. They also learn to communicate with people easily. The singing of a budgie contains many different sounds and melodies. Because these birds have simply amazing ability to imitate. They can repeat almost everything they hear. Of all the species of birds copying human speech, this is perhaps the most talented.

How To Teach A Budgie To Talk And How Much Time Is Needed

Parrots, like other birds, do not speak meaningfully. They simply repeat sets of sounds they often hear. Among them may be human speech. However, different instances will have different ability to imitate. Therefore, success in such a matter as teaching a budgerigar to talk will largely depend on whether a talented bird comes across. To learn conversation, they acquire a young bird, almost a chick. Age 30–35 days. The sooner the parrot begins to communicate with the person, the greater the chance of success. It is necessary to keep such a bird separately from other birds so that it communicates only with the owner. Males are usually more capable than females, so it is better to choose a boy. There is an opinion that the chick from talking parents will be more capable of talking. By nature, it is better not to choose an aggressive budgie, it is preferable to take a calm, even timid. This sooner recognizes the owner as the leader in the pack and begins to copy it. But do not choose a weak bird, it can be painful.

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The question of how to teach a budgerigar to talk is of interest to almost everyone who acquires these birds. The answer is simple: with patience and regular exercise. It is better if you train someone alone, so that at least at the beginning of the lessons her attention will not be scattered. Also, the presence of extraneous sounds is undesirable, otherwise the parrot will begin to copy the buzz of machines or the buzz of a saw. Do not shout, get angry, scare your pet. In order for him to start repeating words, the parrot must trust his teacher, consider him a close and almost native creature. And one more subtlety in the problem of how to teach a budgerigar to talk: he should miss communication. That is, the bird should be alone for some time, it may be worth covering the cage with a blanket. After that, you need to start talking with a feathered baby. For starters, it is advisable to use simple words that will be easy for him to repeat. You need to pronounce them with the same intonation, several times, rhythmically. When the bird gets used to the owner and becomes tame, it will sit on its shoulder and listen to the sounds of speech, look into its mouth, touch its neck. This is necessary for the chick in order to better understand the very mechanics of pronouncing sounds, to understand how the owner succeeds.

And a few more subtleties. If your pet does not start talking immediately, do not rush to accuse him of lack of talent. Perhaps he just has not yet mastered the new place, or you say the words so that he can not repeat them. Do not stop trying to make friends with the bird, to achieve its trust and friendship. And then the question "how to teach a budgie to talk" will not worry you for long.