How to teach a budgerigar to speak? This question interests many newly minted hosts. And then the first mistakes are made, which then can be fatal. Wavy parrots are so touching that the owners begin to grab their hands, loudly admire and do other frightening things.

How To Teach A Budgerigar To Speak

6 rules to help teach the budgerigar

Rule 1 Not a single budgerigar is hatched manually. He can become one, and even then, only under conditions of proper handling of the bird.

Therefore, before pestering a bird with memorizing words, tame it. A calm environment will help you do this much faster than if you put the cage next to the always screaming TV. Tame the budgie gradually, do not grab it immediately with your hands. Offer him your palm as a landing pad, feed from it. As soon as the bird flies to you by itself, you can begin to learn to talk.

Rule 2 During study, the parrot should be alone. As soon as he has a neighbor, that’s all. Talk can be forgotten.

The bird will long and happily gurgle in its own language with a neighbor or neighbor. Your creeps to the parrot will be completely uninteresting. The same goes for mirrors, swings, bells and other entertainment. The pet will pay attention to you only when it is hungry.

Therefore, for successful training, you need to turn the situation so that the owner is the only entertainment for the bird. Then he will have no choice but to listen to your voice and begin to imitate him.

After all, a tame bird for a successful lesson can get a caress or a treat. And what can a voice recorder give besides thoughtless repetition? By the way, for the same reason, it is not recommended for a long time to leave the cage next to the TV that is always on. Some pets memorize entire commercials by heart. Do you like it if at dawn your house will be screaming about advertising a bank or, worse, about dryness and comfort on critical days? Plus it will continue for days on end of the life of the bird. It follows smoothly from here

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Rule 4 Carefully and deliberately choose phrases and words for training.

No doubt, hearing a rasping word from a parrot once or a message from Mother is funny at first. But, when bad phrases are repeated every day for months – there is no laughing matter at all.

Start training the budgie by learning your own nickname. Very good if it has growling or hissing sounds. They are most easily reproduced by the bird’s voice apparatus.

Rule 5 To teach the budgerigar to speak is not one day.

Depending on the talent of your pet, from the beginning of training to the pronunciation of the first word from 1 to 6 months can pass. Therefore, do not lose patience. Regularly utter the right words and phrases to the parrot. It is still very important at this time not to change the intonation and timbre of the voice. This can be done after, when the bird begins to slowly repeat after you.

Just don’t chatter. Give the parrot time to understand that they are talking to him. At first, he will answer you in his own language. Then gradually his speech will become like a slurred mumble. This means that learning to talk is on track and the bird is learning to imitate you. Well, there is not far off and the first word.

Now you can move on to new phrases. Just do not forget to periodically repeat the material. Otherwise, the pet will make up porridge from phrases, get confused in words, or even completely intersperse human speech with tweets.

Secret. Those words that the budgie will learn in the first year of life, he will never forget.

Rule 6 Stop the lesson if the bird is fed up.

It should be remembered that training is much more effective if:

  • the parrot is looking at you
  • rubs his head on the cheek
  • trying to pinch lips or fingers
  • speaks your language
  • flies to you out of the cage
  • fed
  • rested
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If the pet:

  • turns away
  • cleans feathers
  • ignores you
  • flies from hand to cell
  • hungry
  • tired

It is unlikely that he will perceive your studies at all. He and without owners have something to do. Therefore, most lovers of breeders recommend choosing the time to train a budgie in the morning. Immediately after awakening, the bird was rested, had breakfast, full of vigor and strength. So it’s time to learn to speak.

By the way, some parrots in the morning are not in the mood to communicate with the owner, and in the evening, on the contrary, arrange violent games. Why not take advantage of this factor?

Important points

Do not take long breaks in learning. Twice a day, the spoken word next to the cell will not bring the desired result. Give classes at least 7 minutes a day in a row, but then every day. But do not torment the bird with your voice for more than 18 minutes at once. Give the parrot time to get used to the words, to the process itself.

How To Teach A Budgerigar To Speak

If, due to lack of personal time, you still chose the method of training with a voice recorder, then do not leave the recording turned on for a long time. The budgerigar will quickly get used to repeating phrases and will not perceive them. The recorder will become for him the usual background, not worthy of attention.

Do not taldykat one word every day. The parrot may not like it, or the pronunciation may not work out. Therefore, it is better to prepare a few simple phrases that you will teach the bird. Then the pet will be able to choose for himself what he will learn the easiest.

Another important aspect. No violence! Do not try to shout at a budgie if it stubbornly does not want to imitate you. It may well be that your pet will never learn to speak. But it can easily start to be afraid of the owner after loud screams. Therefore, only love, tenderness and affection to help you.

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Turn learning into dialogue. Sometimes the budgerigar is active and begins to talk with the owner. Of course, so far only bird-like. Do not ignore these attempts. Answer the pet, praise, talk. It is advisable to talk with a parrot with phrases that are prepared for training. By the way, it is best to use interrogative sentences. It is such an intonation that lends itself more easily to the vocal apparatus of a bird.

Let someone from the family initially engage in training a feathered pet. So the parrot will not be confused in the voices. And only after you hear the first word, you can connect the rest of the household. Of course, not all at once. Even human children have been studying for more than one year. What can we say about parrots.

There are still disputes among the owners: who is learning faster – males or females? Scientific research on this topic has not been conducted, but most breeders are inclined to the fact that males begin to talk much faster, and females may never start talking in their entire lives. Although there are exceptions to everything. Try to resolve this issue yourself. Suddenly your female budgerigar will outperform any male 100 points ahead in talkativeness? After all, it all depends on your attitude to the bird, on the reward for the lesson, on affection in general.

How to teach a budgerigar to speak? It turns out that it is very simple. Of course, for a long time. But what to do if feathered pets are not always smart and super talented. But they are the most beloved, which means that it will take some time and your patience. And believe me, the result will greatly please you.