How To Make A Cat With A Parrot

Pet lovers often ask themselves such a question. There are a lot of theories about this, as well as examples from life, both sad and funny, but it is still difficult to give a definite answer. All pets have different characters, and depending on the situation, they can radically change their behavior.

Let us nevertheless try to figure out what can be done to make a cat friends with a parrot, or at least teach them to be neutral in relation to each other.

Very often, the relationship between your cat and the parrot depends on how the first meeting went. And this aspect, in turn, depends on the temperament of both pets, the time each of them appeared in your house, and, of course, on you, your style of communication with these animals.

In such situations, cats can only act as prey with rare exceptions. Usually they are the first thing to show hostility and their hunting instincts. But it will depend on the nature of your cat. If she has a soft and flexible character, there is no tendency to spend time in long ambushes, and almost always plays without releasing her claws, then this event will undoubtedly be crowned with success.

If the opposite is true, your pet’s temper does not please with noticeable obstinacy, then you can try the following:

  • If the cat behaves aggressively, its behavior must be gently nipped. As soon as you notice that your furry pet is starting to hunt or is already trying to get to the bird, do not waste time, try to immediately catch it, gently grabbing the withers and shaking it slightly. At the same time, in a rather convincing tone, say the command – you can’t! If it is impossible to catch him, then stamp his foot loudly, showing him his displeasure. But remember, you can’t show your emotions too sharply, otherwise the cat harbors malice both on you and the parrot.
  • At first, until contact is made between the animals, regularly file the cat’s nails so that it cannot injure the parrot. Before you are going to let the bird fly, it is better to isolate the cat in another room at this time.
  • Contact must be established gradually. Leave the pet in one room only when you yourself are there, while you need to pay the same attention to both the parrot and the cat so as not to cause discontent with the latter. If the cat makes sure that its dominance in the house is still unchanged, then, most likely, aggression will be replaced by simple neglect.
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It happens that a parrot declares war on a cat. Only this situation can be called harmless, since the danger in this case is minimal. Manifestation of aggression by the bird is just a prank. Sometimes a cat can play along with a parrot, but without undue aggression. Sometimes cats themselves are afraid of parrots, especially if they are of impressive size. In this situation, your furry pet does not want to feel sharp claws on its delicate skin, which means neutrality is guaranteed.

How To Make A Cat With A Parrot

Ideal, you can call the option if the parrot lived with you before the appearance of the cat, or if they were brought at the same time. In such a situation, none of them will have to feel deprived, because from the very beginning you give the same amount of your attention to wallpaper for pets. If both animals are together since early childhood, then, as a rule, no problems in establishing contact are expected. After all, the kitten is still too small to perceive the parrot as a potential victim, and the chick, with its captivating spontaneity, almost immediately wins the kitten’s location.

To make the acquaintance successful, let your newly-made pets talk a little to each other. The kitten should sniff and look at a creature unfamiliar to him, and the chick, getting acquainted with the fluffy lump, will tuck the soft fur of its future neighbor with its beak. During such communication, it is better to hold the kitten all the same in order to limit the movement of its legs. If he still tries to get the parrot, circle him lightly, showing his displeasure with his intonation.

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If you do everything right, and begin to provoke quarrels, then peace in your home will be ensured. A cat and a parrot that are familiar from early childhood will always remain good friends. They can play together without causing any harm to each other. They can even eat from the same bowl and sleep side by side.