The fact that parrots have a real talent for imitating sounds, including human speech, has long been known to everyone. But, nevertheless, very few manage to train their pet. The reason is that the owner of the bird does not approach the training process correctly. Unlike cats and dogs, parrots do not differ in special thinking, and the fact that it reproduces the sounds heard is not an awareness of the process, but the usual repetition of words, phrases or sounds that were made. That is why, asking the question "How to teach a parrot to speak?" Is not true. The right question will be: "How to train a budgie?".

How To Learn To Train Budgies

Before you start training your pet, you should understand some points:

  • The vocabulary of a bird directly depends on the time spent on training. Everything is simple: the more time you devote to pronunciation of words in the presence of a pet, the faster he learns to reproduce them.
  • To quickly teach a pet speech is unlikely. First you will hear the words that are most easily perceived by him.
  • Only after time has passed, will you be able to hear words in good pronunciation. At first it will be obscure and slurred word forms.

In general, if you decide to engage in training a budgerigar – be patient.

What can you teach a budgie?

Budgerigar is an animal that can learn quickly. The adoption of habits and repetition for someone, laid down in them at the gene level. This is how birds learned to adapt to the world around them.

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Domesticated pets are able to accustom hands, get used to the owner, learn to talk. Depending on the nature and nature of your pet, you can teach him what he will like best. To do this, you just need to observe the habits of your parrot, and then you will understand what tricks he will prefer.

How to teach a budgerigar tricks?

The first thing between you and the pet should be mutual trust. In order for the bird to recognize the owner in you, strive for its good location. Make the budgerigar manual. Read an article on how to tame a budgie.

Feed him something tasty, telling him something pleasant and gentle at that moment. Or pet your pet if he allows you. The most important thing is to do without sudden movements and obsessive actions – birds do not like this.

How To Learn To Train Budgies

Spend more time with him, so you will definitely win the love of the bird and its good attitude towards you. Well, of course, observe and study her in order to understand what is more interesting and entertaining to her.

Do parrots dance?

Besides the fact that these birds repeat sounds after a person, they are also able to copy human movements. So you can teach a budgerigar to dance. Just put it on your hand, turn on the music and swing your palm to the beat. You can turn your head and stagger from side to side at this moment – for a parrot this will be a great example, and if he likes it, then he will soon be able to move to music and independently.

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Any bird can be taught anything, it is important to remember that only hand-held budgies can be trained!
Parrots who are not accustomed to human hands will not be trained, most likely, they will just be scared and clamped.

How To Learn To Train Budgies

So, a few rules on how to make a manual budgie.

  1. In an irritated and embittered state, it is better not to approach the pet. Parrots feel the internal state of a person. Protect him from negative emotions and fright.
  2. Speak to the pet pleasant and kind words, praise him. Caring and love will have a very positive effect on your relationship.
  3. One bird owner! This is important to remember in large families. Family members can pet, feed and love the parrot, and, only with his permission, but in no case, not educate and train him.
  4. Be patient, as taming a parrot is a process that takes a lot of time and energy. Only gradually, after some time, the pet recognizes the owner in you.
  5. And remember – there is no need to rush. Everything has its time.

How To Learn To Train Budgies

If you follow all the rules, then soon you will have a manual budgerigar. What kind of pleasure you will experience when he eats from your hands, sits on your shoulder and talks something (often very funny versions of phrases uttered by a person).

The main thing is to approach the issue of raising a bird correctly, patiently and carefully. After all, it has been proven that training a budgie is not only interesting and entertaining, it brings its owners and all family members a lot of positive emotions and impressions. Not fast and not very easy, but what a result! Only in your hands a pet can become a truly funny, funny, loving and cheerful pet.