How To Get Rid Of The Parakeets In A Parrot

Parrots, like all representatives of birds, are not without such “trouble” as parasites. One of the most famous representatives of avian pests are down-eaters.

Down-eaters – these are parasites with a flattened 1-2 mm yellow-brown body belonging to the order Mallophaga. Using special bristles, they attach to the feathers of birds and feed on skin flakes, particles of feathers, as well as blood and lymph, which protrudes when combed by a parrot.

Outwardly, the cannibals are like lice. When these insects are damaged, many small holes appear on the feathers of the bird (mainly fly and tail). On a parrot, parasites look like fast-moving microscopic oblong dashes of brown-gray color.

Crawling on the feathers and skin of a parrot, down-eaters give the bird terrible inconvenience: itching makes the bird nervous and restless, the parrot scratches with its paws and beak the skin and feathers most affected by insects, pecks, does not sleep well. The feather cover becomes dull, loses its luster, the parrot looks a bit disheveled. The attack of down-eaters seriously weakens the body of birds, their resistance to diseases and appetite decreases. If you do not start treatment for down-eaters in time and “start” the disease, places without feathers may appear on the head and stomach of the bird. This disease is especially dangerous for chicks and young birds.

At the slightest suspicion of infection, it is recommended to bathe the parrot in the infusion of calendula or pharmacy chamomile. An ill bird should be bathed very carefully. In order not to frighten the parrot, it must be very slowly and carefully immersed in water, being careful not to wet your head.

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Treatment of lupus includes treating poultry with insecticidal powder preparations by dusting with gauze bags. Good results are given by a half-percent solution of chlorophos (taken twice in fifteen days), a six-percent dust of Sevin. When processing individuals, the mucous membranes of the eyes and oral cavity are protected by a paper cap placed on the head.

How To Get Rid Of The Parakeets In A Parrot

The difficulty in eliminating such a problem as fuzzy parrots in parrots lies in the poor tolerance of insecticides to these birds. Remember that a violation of the dosage of the drug can threaten your feathered pet with death. That is why before using drugs, you must make sure that they are completely harmless.

The cells in which sick birds live are also thoroughly treated and cleaned with insecticides. It is important not to forget about cleaning corners, there are most often the main accumulations of parasites.

Any disease, including such a "disaster" parakeets in parrots, easier to warn than to treat later. To prevent infection, you need to keep the cell clean, periodically disinfect it. Particular attention to the sterility of the residence of your feathered pet should be given when airing in the summer on the street. It is advisable to completely exclude the contact of your parrot with “free” birds: titmouse, sparrows, pigeons, etc. It is also recommended to pour a little chamomile or calendula powder on the bottom of the cage (under the paper).