How To Determine The Age Of A Budgie

Determining the age of a parrot

First of all, you need to pay attention, examining the bird, to the wavy cap that is on its head. Young wavy are distinguished by the fact that their waves begin with a beak and cover the head completely. This method is not suitable for budgerigars – albinos, since they do not have waves in their color. If you notice this sign in a parrot, then it is most likely less than three to four months old. The wavy pattern on the head changes after the first molt.

How To Determine The Age Of A Budgie

Eye Age

Also, the answer to the question "How to determine how old a budgerigar is?" May be the eyes of your budgerigar. It is believed that the eyes are a mirror of the soul, and in the case of birds, it is also an indicator of how young they are.

If you look closely, you will see completely black eyes, in which there is no iris, then such an individual does not exceed five to six months. The iris of the eye appears in all parrots at different times, usually this takes up to ten months. This process is considered to be purely individual.

If a fairly wide light rim bordering the pupil is seen in front of the bird’s eyes, then it is older than one year. This method helps the owners understand what the old budgerigar looks like. There are exceptions, since representatives of mutational breeds live their whole lives with completely dark eyes.

Relationship between bird age and beak color

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When choosing a bird, the potential owner needs to know how to determine the age of the budgerigar by its beak. To do this, look at the black strokes on the beak cover, they are similar to brush strokes, or notice that the beak is completely black. This means that the individual in front of you is not older than two months old.

How To Determine The Age Of A Budgie

Voskovitsa – assistant in determining the age of the parrot

Wax is a patch of skin located above the beak, where the nostrils are located. In young parrots, waxwort, most often, is light pink, beige or blue. The color of this area becomes darker when the bird reaches puberty, that is, in the fifth to sixth month from birth. Such a change in the wax is more common in females. Therefore, a similar method will help you find the answer if you are trying to understand how to determine the age of the female budgerigar. Males, all their lives, even being older, live with a pinkish-purple color of this site. Do not make a conclusion based solely on the wax-up, when you determine how old the budgerigar is, make sure of your guesses by trying other methods.

How to determine the age of the bird, paying attention to the paws

Perhaps find out the age of the budgerigar by its legs. Using this method, you need to look at the scales. If you have a young chick in front of you, then they will fit quite tightly and appear to be a single, smooth surface. In older birds, the scales separate from each other and do not give the impression that you have absolutely smooth legs. With age, the legs of the wavy become more and more loose.

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Specks on the throat of a bird

Each parrot throat spots have their own special shape. With their help, you can understand how to find out how old the budgerigar is. In older individuals, the contours of the spots are blurry and soft, not as sharp as those of their young relatives.

How To Determine The Age Of A Budgie

Tails of young and old budgies

You can determine the age of the budgie by the tail, or rather, by the tail feathers. Very young birds, at the age of about two months, are distinguished by short feathers on their tail. But do not exclude the possibility that short feathers can be an acquired distinguishing feature, since in the course of life a wavy can lose them. This can happen for various reasons.

Life span

Budgerigars live on average 10 years. Some individuals, characterized by excellent health, have the strength to live 15 years. Experts suggest that one avian year of life is equal to ten years by human standards.

How To Determine The Age Of A Budgie

If you want a pet to please you with its existence as long as possible, then be sure to pay attention to its age when buying a bird, as well as how active and healthy it is.