If you took up such an interesting thing as breeding budgies, then you probably should have had a whole bunch of questions. Most likely, you will be interested not only in how to determine the pregnancy of a budgerigar, but also in how to choose a pair of birds suitable for breeding. All these, as well as many other issues, we will certainly consider in the article that follows.

How To Determine If A Female Budgerigar Is Pregnant

Principles of Budgerigar Breeding

In order to breed domesticated birds, you just need to know a few basic rules.

First of all, breeders will need to find a pair of wavy animals suitable for creating a family. It is very important that the birds you choose show sympathy for each other and do not fight.

Secondly, the birds you choose should be completely healthy. Only young and strong wavy can subsequently bring you healthy offspring.

Thirdly, initially the breeder will need to decide what period of time he plans to start breeding his wards. Under natural conditions, parrot breeding occurs in late spring or early summer.

How To Determine If A Female Budgerigar Is Pregnant

However, if, due to some circumstances, you plan to shift this period to a later one or vice versa – an earlier one, then you will need to perform a number of certain manipulations.

For example, daylight hours during the breeding of birds should be slightly increased using fluorescent lamps placed near the cage.

Fourth, the pair of birds of your choice must be of a certain age. It is not allowed to involve in the breeding process parrots younger than one year old or vice versa – too old and weakened, over six years old.

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Fifth, a break between egg laying should be at least six months. If you break this rule and want your pets to bring you offspring as often as possible, the female will most likely not survive and die.

How To Determine If A Female Budgerigar Is Pregnant

Mating season

The beginning of the mating season in birds is visible with the naked eye. The male begins to show interest in the female planted in him. He flirts in every way in front of her, flaunts and simply attracts her attention. The female reciprocates the mating games of the male.

In any case, no matter which nest house you choose, the female will certainly show interest in him and begin to restore his order inside. She will often drop in and cross for a long time.

How To Determine If A Female Budgerigar Is Pregnant

Signs of a Parrot Pregnancy

So we come to the main issue of this article. So how do you know if your budgerigar is pregnant.

The answer to this question is quite simple. Be observant, and you yourself will understand everything.

Firstly, the female will slightly increase the size of her tummy.

Secondly, the tail of the parrot will begin to move in time with the bird’s breath.

Thirdly, the amount of litter secreted by the parrot will increase significantly in the cage.

Fourthly, the bird will spend a lot of time inside the prepared house-nest, putting it in order and preparing for masonry.

Perhaps there are still some noticeable signs of bird pregnancy. However, they are unlikely to be more explicit than those listed above.

During such periods of time, you will need to significantly diversify the diet of your birds, adding products containing proteins and calcium to it. With proper content of vitamins and minerals necessary and supporting the strength of birds in the feed, the egg laying process will probably go smoothly and without any complications.