If you decide to have a parrot in your house, you need to prepare for the fact that not only feeding and regular cleaning awaits you. It is necessary to take care of the bird constantly, turning for him into a loved one. And in this review we will talk about how to cut the beak of a parrot and claws.

Beak pruning procedure

Alone at home, a wavy pet cannot help. Someone must hold it so that sudden movements do not cause injury. The whole procedure must be done as quickly and accurately as possible.

How To Cut The Claws Of A Parrot In Accordance With All The Rules

One-piece growth can be cut independently using sharpened manicure scissors. However, if it crumbles, a veterinary instrument will be required. Wipe the scissor blades with medical alcohol before the procedure. After this, it is necessary to make sections of the keratinized portion of the beak in separate, small parts.

Trim Processing

In order to fully answer the question of how to cut the beak of a parrot, you will need to use a nail file. Having previously disinfected the tool, file those areas of the growth that have been trimmed.

In some situations, it is impossible to cope with the extremely neglected beak of a wavy friend with a nail file. In this case, a file is required. They should also treat the horn surface. The main thing is not to damage the blood vessel. This is especially important if the beak is black.

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How to cut claws

At home, not only beak pruning may be required. The claws also need this procedure. And it is advisable to do everything neatly and painlessly. Why cut the claws, and how to do it, will be discussed in the video.

Why do budgerigars grow nails? Indeed, in the wild, no one is in a hurry to cut them off. And while they do not interfere. In such conditions, birds constantly have to climb branches. Because of this, even the longest and most curved claw will grind on its own. In some conditions, birds bite their claws.

How To Cut The Claws Of A Parrot In Accordance With All The Rules

If the owner does not provide the opportunity for the claws to grind in the cage, they will begin to grow. This will lead to the fact that flying and moving birds will be uncomfortable. In addition, a long claw can cause serious illness.

When cutting your claws, do not expect this procedure to be pleasant for a wavy friend. He will break out and bite. And if there is no self-confidence, it is better to seek the help of a veterinarian.

What is needed for surgery

If it were decided to cut a long and curved claw on your own, you need to assemble the tools. The procedure will require claw teeth, gloves and a tool with which you can stop the blood, if without its appearance you can not cope with the task.

Procedure execution

Put gloves on your hands and hold your pet in your arms. In this case, it is necessary to cover the wings. The feathered head should be supported with the thumb and forefinger. The main thing is not to overdo it. The bird’s neck is very fragile. It can be easily injured.

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How To Cut The Claws Of A Parrot In Accordance With All The Rules

Take the claws in the other hand and carefully cut the claws. The circuit shown above will help. Be careful not to damage the blood capillaries. They can be seen quite well, which greatly simplifies the task. One has to cut the claws one by one. At the same time, make sure that the fingers of the feathered friend do not get into the wire cutters.

In some situations, owners prefer to file nails. However, veterinarians do not advise doing this. If the claw is long and crooked, then such sawing will be very painful for the pet. In addition, it is easy to disrupt the structure of the claw, which will lead to its subsequent stratification.

How to stop the blood

If you tried to cut a long and crooked claw, or beak, but did it unsuccessfully, blood may go. And she should be stopped. To do this, you need to use cotton wool, after moistening it in hemostatic powder or in ferric chloride.

After that, carefully attach the material to the place that was damaged. Make sure that the powder does not get to other places. Otherwise, a burn may occur.

How To Cut The Claws Of A Parrot In Accordance With All The Rules

How to calm a parrot

When the long beak or crooked claws are trimmed, you will need to take your wavy friend out of stress. He will begin to feel depressed, depressed. From this state it is necessary to deduce the bird. To do this, after the procedure, be sure to treat yourself to a treat, or present a new toy.

Preventative measures

The best treatment is prevention. For this reason, it is important to hang pebbles in a cage so that a feathered bird can grind its beak on its own. Compose your winged friend’s diet in such a way that there are not too many minerals in it, because of which horn tissue grows rapidly.

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If the beak began to increase after taking vitamins, then they should be canceled. Most likely, in the composition of these elements there is a large amount of calcium. If it was not possible to prevent an increase in the beak, it will be necessary to trim it. Otherwise, the parrot will have difficulty breathing.

How To Cut The Claws Of A Parrot In Accordance With All The Rules

If you don’t really like to trim the claws, you can make them grind on their own. To do this, replace the plastic poles with wooden ones. Also need to replace the stairs with toys. They will help to remove a long and crooked nail without causing pain.

Please note that the diameter of the poles must not be less than 15 mm. Otherwise, the claws will not come into contact with the material and will not grind.