Budgerigars are naturally curious and playful, they like to taste everything that surrounds them and with great pleasure relate to everything bright and sonorous. If you leave the bird to itself, it will certainly find something to entertain itself, but it will be safer and more correct to provide the pet with the necessary entertainment.

How to place toys in a cage?

Toys for budgerigars can be located simply in the apartment, but most of the time birds spend in their cages, so you should pay attention to the basics of their placement. Given the nature of the birds of this species, you can place the toys one at a time – when one gets bored, the other is placed in the cage. But whatever would be located in the cage, it should not occupy a large space so that the pet could move freely and flap its wings.

How To Choose Toys For Budgies

The wavy parrot is very fond of toys, so it’s worth it to be responsible to buy entertainment for the bird – it should correspond to the size of the pet and be conditionally safe. In no case can not be placed in the cage those objects that can injure the pet, for example, sharp objects or easily disassembled.

How To Choose Toys For Budgies

Where can a parrot play outside the cage?

For many budgies, outside the cage (see cages for budgies) is no less fun than in it. Game stands for budgies are one way to entertain the bird. The stand can become the place where the wavy will spend maximum of his time, if you make it especially attractive. It is better to place the stand where it will be possible to spend time comfortably for both the bird and its owner, because this object can become a real point of convergence of the pet and its owner. To reduce the number of garbage produced by a parrot, you can place this item near the cage.

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The best toys for budgies

Not every bird owner knows how to play with budgies, but little is needed for this. To entertain a bird with toys for beak and paws is a classic of the genre. Most often, such toys have the shape of a pendant, and can be made of various materials. Appearance can also be different – balls, dumbbells, hanging toys and more.

Musical accessories – these are the toys that a budgerigar definitely needs. It can be a simple bell set in motion by a light touch of the beak, or real rattles. You can try an interactive toy that repeats the sounds, which can entertain the bird, but not every wavy will accept such an innovation. That’s what will definitely become a useful acquisition – these are educational toys. A toy that requires the parrot to spin the wheel first before it feasts on food can be a great help for training the bird.

The physical condition of the bird must certainly be maintained, for which simulators – ladders, swings, ropes are perfect. They prefer moving budgies, so the bird will definitely not get bored with the simulator system. Such toys can be placed both in a cage and on the playground.

How To Choose Toys For Budgies

Each owner decides how to play with a wavy parrot – usually a hand-held bird makes contact itself. But those who prefer to sit in their cage will certainly be delighted with the mirror. The variety of mirrors available on the market cannot but rejoice. But it is believed that the mirror moves the bird away from the person, believing that there is his relative. Therefore, it is important to maintain harmony – pay enough attention to the bird, do not lock it in the cage for a long time and definitely know how to play with budgies.

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How To Choose Toys For Budgies

Learning a parrot for games

When a pet has just appeared in a new apartment, do not immediately load it with a lot of toys. Hanging up a lot of everything at once is not recommended at once, the bird may be frightened – first of all, it should get comfortable. How to entertain a pet with noisy and bright things, it is better to set up a contact, for which you need to know how to play with a budgie. First of all, the bird should reach for the owner, so you need to spend more time communicating with it. Only when contact is made and proper care is provided, can new toys be given to the pet. And here help will be needed – sometimes the bird needs to be shown how to play the toy correctly, so that in the future it could entertain itself and not be bored.