How To Choose A Jaco Parrot

ZHAKO (both red-tailed and brown-tailed): relations with this parrot should always be equal, this parrot is not inclined to forgive people even small insults. He is inclined to dominate in how to choose an oven, and if he is allowed to do so, and then is deprived of the right to rule, he begins to shake his rights and this often plagues others until he regains the title of overlord in the family. This bird is vindictive; it can take revenge for the offense caused by a bite after a considerable time, when the offender forgot to think that he had once offended the parrot. He reacts hard not only to the change of owner, but even to the rearrangement of the cage from room to room, closing and becoming gloomy for several days. There is not always a good feature to shout, talk, hiss, whistle, etc. sometimes just a pleasure. It would be nothing if it does not coincide in time with your minutes of rest, when you want peace and quiet. In jacquot more often than in cockatoos, amazons and ars come across both very capable, even talented, birds, and complete jerks, with completely unpredictable and unstable both in terms of behavior and diet. They begin to speak no faster than the Amazons, cockatoos or macaws, it’s just that Jaco, if he began to speak, has the best ability to memorize more words than the above breeds. This is important for some poultry farmers, and some believe that 10-15 words that are able to remember any breeds of large parrots are enough above the roof and regret that the plug was not attached to the parrot during the sale. If you want to bite with all the dope, bites right away in full. Last – this bird likes to “walk” more than to fly.

KAKADU (any variety): this breed is more liberal and complaisant: it simply does not notice petty grievances from people. It’s important to say first how to tame a cockatoo that he is “a very good bird” and the process will go like clockwork. The tendency to “dictate” in the family is not so pronounced, but how to choose a beaver fur coat is another unpleasant feature: taming will imperceptibly go to such a stage that a parrot simply can’t live without you (this is very rare in a zhako), and in your absence it will be unhappy and gloomy. If you are nearby and the parrot knows this, he will not regret his vocal chords in order to draw you closer to him with a scream (at first with a soft blather, how to choose oil for a car later and stronger). In short, a completely manual (and not even very) cockatoo far away from you will not let go, which is sometimes annoying. But, unlike Jaco, in your presence you will not be disturbed by rest. And yet, information for those who choose this breed solely because of its luxurious crest on their heads: a cockatoo raises its crest in full only if it is scared or wants to scare someone, in other cases the crest is usually pressed to the back. When learning begins to speak no faster, but no later than jaco or amazon, but you should not count on hundreds of words, not that breed. If you want to bite without jokes, it usually doesn’t bite for the first time, but then, if a person is stupid and does not understand the warning, he bites in full. Jacot, in a rage, does not make such warnings. Among the cockatoo there are varieties with tremendous mobility and acrobatic abilities – for example, the Goffin cockatoo: not a single breed of large parrots can be compared with these parameters. And the last – cockatoos fly great, which they do, unlike Jaco, with great pleasure. The frequent tendency of the cockatoo to pinch itself is one of the reasons that often makes people refuse to keep these beautiful birds.

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AMAZONS (any variety): favorite parrots of the author of the site. And they speak well and do not yell, and are easily tamed, and not scandalous. They are rarely ever with them. how to choose a jaco parrot. They scream extremely rarely – they sit quietly, cooing for their pleasure. With the presence of young children in the family – the most problem-free bird. The disadvantages include the requirement of more comfortable living conditions than other parrots, i.e. more demanding on the absence of drafts, etc. In our nursery of the Amazons, no one has ever specifically tamed, nevertheless, the largest percentage of sold tame birds is accounted for by Amazons. They themselves are drawn to people, independently becoming tame. In short, if the author of these lines suddenly has a desire to make a large parrot for himself, rather, how to choose the paint for the walls, I will choose the Amazon – if not in the nursery, so at least I want someone without special problems and troubles at home.

How To Choose A Jaco Parrot

ARS (any variety): an extremely highly intelligent parrot that only the Moluccan cockatoo can compete with in intelligence. Ara will never be satisfied with exorbitant tantrums. If the macaw gave a voice – it’s not just like that, it’s a pleasure for itself, like many other breeds, but it makes sense to come up and see what the bird doesn’t like. Eliminate the cause of dissatisfaction of the bird – and silence is guaranteed to you. Tame faster and easier than many other parrots. In a tight cage they climb so neatly that it seems that their eyes on the tail so masterfully bend around all the obstacles with their long tail. If they had a lower price, they would be the most popular parrots in the world. The deep and unfair attitude towards the Arams is that they scream strongly and often. Ara can scream sometimes how to choose a jaco parrot a moment of discontent, but it usually happens so rarely that it does not complicate a person’s life at all. For example, in our nursery, with arams, in the sense of screaming, there are no problems at all, but, for example, Goffin’s cockatoo is simply "taken out" by its frequent and sharp cries. The manners of the macaw, as befits the master of the parrot world, are sedate and noble, the shallow vanity of the are not peculiar. They say not bad, the main thing is clean, but the vocabulary rarely exceeds 50-60 words. But the ability to pronounce words to a place is more developed than that of any other parrots, i.e. be aware of external events and associate them with a specific word from your vocabulary. Outsiders, unfamiliar with this parrot, it sometimes leads simply to delight. For ar in the upbringing, a combination of affection and severity is desirable, then excellent results are obtained. Parenting only by affection often leads to the appearance of a dictator in the family. When kept in a cage, there is less debris than from any other parrot. Strong bird – easily pricks any nut with its beak, but. – the author of this article for 30 years of communication with different breeds of parrots injured his hands in the form of bites least of all from ar, although their huge and powerful beak often scares beginners. Nature awarded the ap with such a beak not for self-defense, but also for feeding some ar owners, when they put fingers of their bird in the beak or finger the bird by the beak with their fingers, do not risk anything – Goffin or Zhako in this situation can cause more severe injury to the hand (in sense – really bite the skin). A good and smart parrot – having bought – people rarely get rid of it.