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But even a captive budgerigar can fly out the window or simply not want to fly back into the cage. How to catch a budgie – a question quite popular for people who first bought poultry.

How to catch a budgie in a room?

Tamed feathered pets will never be capricious to fly into a cage. It is important to establish close contact with your budgerigar before allowing it to fly out of the cage. While the bird will not calmly sit on the owner’s hand, you should not rush into flights. In addition, it is necessary to carry out preparatory measures so that the departure from the cage is not the last for the budgerigar:

  1. All doors and windows must be closed. Budgerigars are very curious birds, they will definitely want to fly out the doorway or window. The vents also need to be covered, otherwise the domestic parrot will fall on the street, where unpleasant surprises await him. In general, it is recommended to hang curtains on the windows, otherwise the bird may get injured while trying to fly out into the street.
  2. Budgerigars do not like to feel hungry, so as soon as they experience it, they immediately go to the cage. Therefore, you can not put plates of food and water outside the cage.
  3. Cats and dogs are a direct threat to the life of a feathered pet; they must be driven out of the room where flights will be conducted.

How To Catch A Budgie

  1. Vessels with water also pose a danger to budgies, especially if they are aquariums or vases. Due to curiosity, a feathered pet will certainly fall there and will not be able to get out.
  2. It is also worth hanging mirrors, otherwise the bird can hit hard and get injured. Budgerigars are very responsive to their reflections, especially if they are alone.
  3. Parrots love to walk on the floor, so it’s worth warning everyone to carefully look under their feet. About 30% of the mortality of domestic parrots is due to the fact that the owners attack them.
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How To Catch A Budgie

These precautions will help the parrot not to damage its wings and not to say goodbye to life. But not all birds are ready to return to the cage after feeling the free flight. How to drive a budgie in a cage in this case? Firstly, you can not wave brooms and towels to make the baby return to his house. Such actions will only scare the feathered pet, and you will have to re-establish contact with the parrot. Secondly, you can not scream and make noise. This will only cause panic, and the feathered baby will not return to the cage. It’s best to try to put a treat in the cage or wait for the dark.

How To Catch A Budgie

Budgerigars are hard to see in the dark. After the bird gets dark, it will remain in one place. You just need to remember his whereabouts and pick up, but before that you should wear gloves. But, if the budgerigar is tamed, then such problems will not arise.

How to catch a parrot on the street?

If the feathered pet flew out the window, then it will be difficult to find. Only 20% of budgies will remember the path to the house and return to the balcony or window, but they often confuse their apartment with their neighbors. Therefore, it is worth immediately warning neighbors to report poultry on the street.

How To Catch A Budgie

On the street, poultry has a lot of enemies who decide to start hunting for defenseless feathered pets. If the parrot did not appear after a week, then it is better to get used to the loss. This situation often happens due to the carelessness of the owners themselves. An open window is the first object that will attract the attention of any domestic parrot. Care must be taken to ensure that all doors and windows are closed. Only then the feathered pet will not be on the street, where nothing good awaits him.

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How To Catch A Budgie

Rainy weather and strong winds can cause a parrot to sit on trees in its own yard. Therefore, you should immediately go outside and inspect the park area. Very often budgies are nailed to a flock of sparrows. Sometimes people catch alien parrots, as a rule, these are weakened birds. Therefore, you can post an announcement about the loss of a feathered pet throughout the area. It is very rare to find a budgie that managed to fly out the window. Poultry are poorly oriented and do not know what to do with their freedom. It is better not to allow such situations and take care of their feathered friends.