Hygienic procedures are important not only for humans, but also for animals and birds. Some species love water, others should not be washed without need. Many owners are wondering how to bathe budgies, and should this be done so often. The need for hygiene of birds is undeniable, but all other details can greatly depend on many factors – from the pet’s health status to its mood and other circumstances.

How To Bathe A Budgie

Do I need to bathe a budgie

In nature, parrots live in the tropics, where it rains frequently. Although the birds try to hide from the showers in the foliage of trees, after they go out not only to get drunk, but also to splash in the puddles. Therefore, it is useful to know how to bathe a budgie at home: this species of birds normally perceives water procedures. However, hygiene rules have their own nuances that must be observed for the comfort of the pet – physical and psychological.

Basic bathing rules

Bathing is important for feathered pets, but is not, in most cases, a necessity. Birds just love water procedures themselves, willingly splash around in man-made “puddles” and even under running water, for example, from a tap. The owner needs to remember the basic rules so that bathing the budgie only benefits and does not harm the pet:

  1. You can bathe only healthy birds. If the parrot is choked up, does not feel well, has diarrhea or other health problems, water measures are contraindicated.
  2. Bathing is useful for cleansing feathers from dirt, food debris, particles of dead skin, it improves the appearance and mood of the bird. Ideally, the budgerigar should have its own bath, a personal place where he can take a bath.
  3. The easiest way to bathe a bird is to spray with a spray gun. The method is applicable in the summer heat when it is necessary to avoid overheating. Water from the “spray bottle” is the easiest and most affordable way for the bird to “freshen up”.
  4. Ideally, the parrots bathe themselves or jump into the man’s arm, anticipating the process. You can bathe a budgie, gently holding it in the palm of your hand, but this will require complete trust from the pet. This kind of training will take time.
  5. More difficult with wild, unaccustomed birds. Do not insist on water procedures if the pet is not yet “ready”, experiencing stress. As an option that does not require contact with a person, you can put a large plate with high sides in a cage and let the bird solve the washing problem on its own.
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In addition to patients, parrots in stress, after moving, are not allowed to bathe before swimming. Do not force the bird to take a bath if it does not show desire, even if it trusts the owner and jumps into his arms. Typically, the wavy are smart enough to understand where the "place to wash" is located, and by the reaction of the feathered one it is always easy to understand how he relates to such an idea.

Exception: if there is a risk that toxic substances have fallen on feathers. In this case, one does not have to think how comfortable or uncomfortable the bird is, because it is about saving the life of a parrot.

How To Bathe A Budgie

Possible difficulties

Almost all birds love to swim. It is enough to observe even sparrows and pigeons in the streets: it is not for nothing that they tend to climb into a puddle. Water procedures are also helpful for pets, but sometimes difficulties arise. The most common problems with how to bathe a budgie are:

  1. Cold weather and drafts. Remember that the birds come from the tropics, love warmth and are very susceptible to colds, which can even result in pneumonia and death. You should not spend a “bathing day” in cold weather, and after the procedure you need to make sure that there are no drafts.
  2. Frequent bathing is also not good. A natural protective layer forms on the feathers, which is not recommended to be washed off too intensely, because it serves as a natural barrier to bacteria.
  3. If the bird is wild, afraid of the procedure – no need to force. It’s okay if the pet “seems dirty” for some time, the stress of fishing and unwanted handling is much more dangerous for the psyche.
  4. Some birds categorically against spray guns, while others recognize only running water. Therefore, where exactly it is better to buy budgies, depends on the habits and preferences of both the owner and the pet itself.
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Most of the problems are solved. In cold weather, especially in winter, you can do without washing at all, and in summer parrots themselves are very willing to accept the offer to take a bath. It is imperative to teach the bird to exit the cage and return to it, as well as to his hands, in order to wipe it with a towel.

How to teach swimming

The point is for the bird to know and love each of the stages. Water is pleasant for the birds, everything will be easy here. But after the bath you need to wipe: the parrots are shaking off, but this is not enough. Not all birds approve of a towel and other manipulations with feathers, and methods will come in handy here:

  • goodies – reward for permission to pick up, wipe;
  • observations – some birds like to take a bath on their own, others – on their hands;
  • open or enclosed space – also depends on preferences.

Water, in order to bathe a budgie, should always be warm, from the tap it can only be used if there is a filter that will not allow chemicals to get on the feathers. That is, you need to choose drinking water.

How To Bathe A Budgie

What can I buy a budgie

Tanks for water procedures are completely dependent on the "taste" of the parrot. Some do not like to go far from the cage, while others, on the contrary, are worried about the confined space. Still others prefer only running water from a tap with a filter, while sitting on the owner’s hands, as if on a perch. The "bath" should be spacious, with moderately high sides, water should be poured a little: approximately, as in a regular puddle, where sparrows and pigeons adore splashing. The vast majority of parrots perceive water procedures as a pleasant entertainment.

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How To Bathe A Budgie

How many times do you need to swim a budgie

Unlike humans, birds do not need to wash every day. Moreover, excessively regular procedures are contraindicated and hazardous to health. The best option is how many times a month to bathe a budgie: up to 6 washing sessions in the hot season, and in winter it is better to do without the risk of a cold. On average, 3-4 times a month is enough.