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Everyone chooses their own pets. Someone prefers purring cats, others love faithful dogs, and still others buy cute domestic parrots. In the afternoon, these birds are very active, they frolic in a cage, eat and even play their favorite toys. But what does a parrot do under cover of night and how do these feathered pets sleep? These questions concern many newly minted parrot owners.

Sleep rules

Like any living creature, budgies prefer to sleep at night. They do this not under a warm blanket and on a soft bed. Birds prefer to rest on a branch, standing on one paw. This is necessary for a good rest. Young individuals sleep on two legs, this is due to the fact that their coordination is poorly developed, and it is difficult for them to maintain balance on one limb.

While budgerigars, while resting, they turn their heads behind their backs and hide their beak in a feather. So the birds keep warm throughout their sleep. After a person falls asleep, it is difficult for him to maintain the heat of his body, a blanket is used to maintain the desired temperature. In domestic parrots, such a protection is their own feather.

How The Budgerigar Sleeps

In the natural environment, budgies also sleep at night. For sleep, the crown of trees is used. The branches create a barrier for predators who dream of eating small birds. In the afternoon they also have a rest, but this does not last long for 20-30 minutes. Most often, parrots sleep in the hottest hours of the day, hiding in the shade of foliage. For a good rest, a parrot needs to rest 10-15 hours a day.

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But the life schedule of poultry does not always coincide with human sleep time. For example, with the first rays of the sun, a budgie will also awaken and tweet. Such songs can annoy the inhabitants of the apartment. That is why it is recommended at night to cover the cage with the feathered pet with a dark veil. So you can simulate the night and get rid of awakening in the early morning hours.

How The Budgerigar Sleeps

The budgie is sleeping all day long!

Daytime sleep for birds is considered the norm, ornithologists say. Birds can relax after a hearty meal or out of boredom. Sometimes the owners think that the parrot is sleeping too much. Should I panic or is this normal? First you need to understand what time the bird goes to bed at night.

There are cases when, due to the wakefulness of the owner, the feathered pet does not sleep. For a sound sleep, a parrot needs silence and darkness. Flicker from the TV or music that lulls a person to sleep affects the bird differently. The parrot does not sleep at midnight, and then rests all day. If such a pet appeared in the house, then his needs cannot be ignored. You need to take care of your parrot and only then, it will be fun and cheerful. Do not forget that budgies are depressing creatures. If they are not allowed to sleep, there will be stress.

How The Budgerigar Sleeps

When to worry When the parrot sleeps at night and is in a sleepy state all day. In this case, it is worth taking a closer look at its plumage and how the bird eats. If the appetite is gone, and feathers are visible on the cage, then it is possible for the parrot to molt. During this period, it is necessary to give the bird special vitamins and it is better to miss it with games, but flights are best arranged.

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But liquid diarrhea of ​​an unnatural color, vomiting and untidy feathers indicate diseases. It may be commonplace food poisoning or bruising, but sometimes these are the initial signs of serious illness. In this case, the bird should be shown to the veterinarian, you may have to take tests. Only a professional doctor is able to make a competent diagnosis and prescribe the necessary medications.

How The Budgerigar Sleeps

Why doesn’t the budgie sleep at night?

A more alarming signal is the lack of night sleep. If everything is quiet and dark, and the parrot is constantly making noise or making strange noises, then you need to urgently act. First, make sure that the bird does not have a bruise or fracture. It is possible that the budgerigar falls from the perch due to weakened paws and loss of balance. In this case, the wound is treated or a splint is applied if there is a fracture. But it’s better to remove the perch and swing, otherwise the parrot will climb by inertia and will only aggravate the situation.

Another reason for noisy behavior is fear. Budgerigars are very noisy, even shadows from unknown objects can be terrifying. In this they are like little children who see danger everywhere. Other pets can also be a source of fear. There are cases when a domestic cat scared a bird. She went into the room with a feathered pet and circled around the cage, and when the owner came, she hid. It is better to close the room with the bird and make sure that other animals are not there.

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How The Budgerigar Sleeps

How The Budgerigar Sleeps

Attentive owners always notice the strange behavior of budgies and help their pets in time. We must not forget about the importance of sleep for the health of a feathered pet. Budgerigars can safely be called "sleepyheads," but there should be a measure in everything.