How Old Is The Macaw Parrot

Are you curious about how many years macaw parrots have lived in the wild and at home? According to publicly available data, these figures vary significantly. But the factors on which they depend are very similar in both cases. Among the common causes that reduce the age of the macaw are illnesses, accidents, poor nutrition. We will introduce you to the well-known centenarians of this kind. And also you will find out what conditions a pet needs to create in order to increase its life span.

Did Churchill have a macaw parrot?

Public sources say that the life expectancy of a macaw parrot in good domestic conditions is about 60 years. They talk about several world-famous individuals who have impressed others with their longevity. But is everything to be believed?

For example, on the Internet, the story of a hundred-year-old female macaw parrot named Charlie, one of the owners of which was supposedly the prime minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill, is transmitted from mouth to mouth.

How Old Is The Macaw Parrot

The chick of blue-gold (such a name is indicated in the English newspapers) of the Macaw was born in 1899. At the age of 38, he was sold to Churchill. After the death of the prime minister, the 66-year-old parrot returned to the previous owners in the family of Peter Oram, about which he now tells the famous media. However, Churchill’s daughter Lady Soames denied this version in an interview with Sky News. She claims that her father never had such a parrot.

No evidence

According to estimates, Charlie should now be 118 years old. But there is no reliable information about the age of this bird. The allegations of her master that she learned to scold the Nazis during the Second World War, can not serve as evidence of old age. This female looks really very old. She no longer flies, hardly speaks, and suffers from baldness. But these signs can only indirectly indicate age.

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How Old Is The Macaw Parrot

Some sources also talk about Monsignor Falcucci from Corsica, who owned a red macaw born in 1799. Written evidence is given that in 1864, the macaw was still feeling fine, except for spoiled vision. But after the specified date, the traces of the parrot are lost.

It turns out that claims that the macaw can live more than a hundred years are still not supported by anything. Therefore, to determine exactly how many macaw parrots live, it remains to be modern scientists.

How Old Is The Macaw Parrot

About centenarians among ar

In the wild, the life expectancy of macaws is only possible if the studied individuals are ringed and are under the close attention of specialists. For this purpose, on the metal fixed rings worn on the paws, the birth date of the parrot is necessarily set.

At different times, ornithologists noted long-livers from the genus ar living in various zoos in the world. So, the green-winged macaw from the Whipsneyd Wildlife Sanctuary in England reached the age of 50. His neighbor from London, a representative of the small soldier macaw species, was 4 years behind. And the blue-and-yellow macaw from the Copenhagen Zoo – for as much as 7 years. For more than 38 years, two parrots have lived in Vienna’s zoo in Austria. Both of them belong to the genus hyacinth macaw.

In the American parrot park in the city of Miami (Florida), about 15 years ago, ornithologists noted a pair of red macaw parrots, which at the age of 28 still gave birth.

In these cases, all birthdays of centenarians are recorded in the relevant documents. And these figures are not in doubt.

Often the person is to blame

Erroneous is the opinion that in the wild, the macaws live longer than at home. In both cases, they are in danger. In the wild, drought or lack of food affects longevity.

Often the person is guilty, who can ruthlessly cut down forests and drain ponds, depriving birds of their natural habitat. They have nowhere to build nests, and lack of fruit leads to hunger. Lack of food and water makes ar weak. Their immunity weakens, and they become defenseless against disease.

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How Old Is The Macaw Parrot

In addition, the ruthless extermination of macaw parrots due to beautiful plumage and eating them led to the extinction of some species. Jamaican, Martinique, Cuban, Guadalupe macaws that lived on the planet in the XVIII century are irretrievably lost. Currently, there is not a single representative of these species, only descriptions are preserved.

Appearance does not betray age

As with most parrots, determining the age of the macaw is more or less accurately possible only at a young age. For example, the beak brightens by one year. At the same time, some spots on the beak may appear gray spots, which will remain for the rest of their lives. Until five to eight months, the eyes of the chick are completely black, later the iris begins to appear: yellow or gray-white. In older birds, the scales on the paws are coarser and not too smooth.

This is where the signs of determining age end. They are the same both for birds living in the wild, and for parrots, who have lived all their lives next to a person.

How Old Is The Macaw Parrot

It is possible to determine exactly how long a particular macaw parrot lives based on records in documents.

Only very responsible owners or employees of zoos can do this, for whom bird watching is a duty. Unfortunately, very often information is transmitted to the next owner only in words. Over time, it simply fades from memory.

Good nutrition and dangerous diseases

The quality of food consumed by them affects the life span of the macaws at home. Its basis is a grain mixture of oats, wheat, sunflower, corn. The supply of vitamins in the body is replenished by fruits and vegetables – apples, pears, cucumbers, carrots, bananas, fruits of citrus plants. Be sure to give a variety of nuts. More information about the nutrition of macaw parrots is given in the article "The content and nutrition of a macaw parrot at home."

How Old Is The Macaw Parrot

Timely medical care in case of a pet’s disease is of great importance. But there are fatal diseases from which there is no escape, when even a qualified doctor can not provide assistance. These include ornithosis, which affects the nervous system and lungs. No less dangerous are tuberculosis, malignant tumors, endocrine and cardiovascular diseases.

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All types of macaw parrots are prone to sinusitis and bronchitis. Lack of treatment can lead to death of the bird.

The main thing is attention and love

In order for your macaw to live as long as possible, it is necessary to create decent conditions for the parrot. He definitely needs a suitable cage-cage. In the room it is necessary to equip good lighting and constantly maintain the necessary humidity and air temperature there.

How Old Is The Macaw Parrot

In many ways, the life span of the macaw depends on the attentive attitude of the host. Daily communication with a person, his love and understanding are very important psychological factors that support the nervous system of a bird.

Life will extend your parrot:

  • regular cleaning of the cage;
  • bathing a pet in the bath or shower;
  • necessary equipment to maintain physical fitness (perch, ropes, rings);
  • walks around the room;
  • conversations with the owner;
  • if necessary, hygienic procedures for the treatment of beak and claws (sawing).

Walking should not be dangerous

A loving owner should always remember that a parrot released to “walk” around the room can be in danger at every step. Do not forget to close the window and the window so that the pet does not accidentally fly out into the street. Without knowing the dangers, he can easily become a cat or dog’s prey.

How Old Is The Macaw Parrot

Do not turn on the gas if your pet is nearby. He might accidentally approach an open fire and catch fire.

Do not leave in open access harmful products for it, which include smoked meat delicacies, avocado fruits, potatoes (especially fried), mushrooms, spices. Due to its natural curiosity, the macaw can try them, not knowing that they are toxic to him.

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