How many macaw parrots live in the wild?

It is not always possible to give an exact answer to the question of how long does the average macaw parrot live in the natural environment. According to the results of studies by ornithologists, it was found that they can live from 15 to 100 years.

How Old Is The Macaw Parrot

Important! In nature, they live longer, because it is their natural environment and they feel comfortable in it.

The length of stay depends on the size. For example, large representatives of macaw parrots can live longer than small birds. But in nature there are many dangers – predators, various diseases, severe hunger, thirst. All these factors can greatly reduce the lifespan of parrots.

Life expectancy in captivity

Feathered breeders are wondering how long the macaw lives at home. In homes and apartments they live less than in nature. The period can be influenced by factors:

  • dimensions of the bird;
  • arrangement of the cell;
  • proper nutrition;
  • from the general condition of the parrot and other conditions.

If you comply with the living conditions, then the parrot lives at home for more than 20-40 years.

Proper nutrition

The life expectancy of a macaw parrot at home or in an apartment is affected by proper nutrition. Experts recommend that it be nutritious, it should have a high level of vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for the full development of the bird.

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How Old Is The Macaw Parrot

Food should consist of components:

  • the main part is grain mixtures. They should include oats, wheat grains, sunflower seeds, corn;
  • fruits, berry. Parrots are very fond of green apples, pears, bananas, they will be happy to eat apricots, plums, strawberries;
  • from vegetables prefer cucumbers, zucchini, carrots;
  • Be sure to add various types of nuts to the food.


The life span of the macaw is influenced by the state of content, the arrangement of the cell. It is necessary to remember the recommendations:

  • to acquire is a spacious cage. The pet should feel comfortable in it;
  • there should be a drinking bowl and a feeding trough in the dwelling;
  • so that the bird can move, natural wood poles are installed in the dwelling;
  • for games and development, swings, rings, various toys are installed in the cage.

Parrot Freedom

To accurately answer the question, how many macaw parrots live at home, do not miss important content factors. Captive birds should feel comfortable, periodically need to be given freedom.

Once a week, a feathered pet must be released to fly. This is recommended in a separate room. The room must be closed windows and windows, it should not be other pets and people. There must be a master and a parrot in the room, and it is better to close the door, otherwise the pet will fly away.

How Old Is The Macaw Parrot

Causes of early death

Considering the answer to the question of how many years macaw parrots live, it is worth considering how exactly the death of a feathered pet can occur. Sometimes they can die an unnatural death, and as a result of an accident, illness and other reasons.

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There are several common causes of premature death of macaw parrots:

  • lack of attention and carelessness of the owners. For example, a parrot flew into an open window opening and disappeared, pecked the protection of an electric wire and died as a result of an electric shock, was torn to pieces and eaten by pets;
  • when flying, hit a wall or a mirror and crashed. Parrots often die as a result of a blow to the surface;
  • dangerous diseases. They often lead to death of the bird. For this reason, it is important to carefully monitor the condition of the pet, and if suspicious symptoms appear, you should immediately consult a veterinarian;
  • severe injuries;
  • poor care. The death of a feathered bird can occur due to improper nutrition, poor cleaning of the cage, drinkers and feeders.

Centenarians among ar

Many conditions can affect the life of a macaw parrot. According to studies by ornithologists, it was found that birds living in nature survive their home relatives for a couple of decades.

How Old Is The Macaw Parrot

Ornithologists revealed the long-livers of ar parrots living in different zoos of the world:

  • green-winged macaw from the Whipsneyd Wildlife Sanctuary in England. He lived to be 50 years old;
  • the small soldier macaw from London lived for 46 years;
  • the blue-and-yellow macaw from the Copenhagen Zoo was able to live 43 years;
  • two hyacinth macaws in the zoo of Vienna lived to 38 years.

Do not ignore the centenarian among the feathered birds – the macaw parrot named Charlie. He has been living for the third century, and at the same time has a strong beak, beautiful plumage and has not lost his quick wits. He kept his form, and is not going to die yet.

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Macaw parrots attract beauty and longevity. Among them are many representatives who can easily live for more than half a century. At the same time, they maintain health and shape. If the maintenance of the house provides the necessary conditions, then the bird will be able to live peacefully for more than 30-40 years.

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