How Old Is The Budgerigar

Every day the pet is getting closer to its owner. Strong friendship often develops into absolute love until the last minute. And it lasts exactly as long as a wavy parrot lives. Getting a poultry, lIt’s best to know in advance how much she can live in your home.

Budgie lifespan

Budgies are from Australia. In the wild, representatives of this species do not live long, 4-6 years. Rare individuals live up to 8 years. The life span of parrots is significantly reduced due to adverse weather conditions, possible starvation and frequent attacks by predators. In the end only luck determines how many years a budgerigar will live. That is why they say that for talking birds, captivity is even more suitable.

Budgerigars at home live 10-15 years. Long-lived birds can please their caring owners up to 20 years. How many years exactly your budgerigar will live depends on the conditions of detention, care, positive communication and heredity. If you want your pet to live as long as possible, make every effort to this.

What affects the life span of a parrot?

Comfortable living conditions for a parrot are, first of all, spacious comfortable cage. If you’re not ready to start a large cage, more often let the parrot fly around the room. Hypodynamia is very dangerous for poultry. After all, they are birds to fly!

The parrot cage should be in a good place. For parrots are unacceptable:

direct sunlight;

the proximity of household appliances, TV;

placement in the kitchen and in rooms with high humidity;

pungent odors, aerosols, incense, smoking.

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Birds in nature wake up at dawn and fall asleep at night. If you often sleep at night, cover the cage with cloth from the light. Otherwise, the bird may experience chronic sleep deficiency. This will adversely affect how many years your budgerigar can live. It is important that the fabric is breathable.

The order in the cell must be strictly observed. Do not neglect the weekly overhaul of your pet’s home. Check and rinse feeders and drinkers every day. Try to place poles, feeders, and toys in a cage so that feces do not enter food or water. It is also important to monitor the purity of the feathers and arrange a light shower for the parrot.

To a large extent, the quality of the feed and the balance of the diet determine how many years the budgerigar will live. Do not forget that the birds cannot choose the right food for them. Even if your pet really likes human goodies, such as cookies, it’s not worth giving them even in small quantities. Better treat the parrot with a fresh apple or carrot.

Budgies very sociable. If the bird stays home alone when you go to work, it will certainly get bored. And how many years can you live in longing? A budgie just needs a living neighbor. The budgies are male friendly and fun. But the female can drive the male neighbor that she didn’t like into the corner.

Study carefully the habits and habits of your feathered friend. Take care of him, communicate with him. A full and happy life always lasts longer.