How Old Do Parrots Live

Probably, each person, before starting a parrot, spends a lot of time studying information about these birds: feeding, keeping conditions, grooming, etc. Not the last place in the list of these subtleties is the question of how old do parrots live.

The lifespan of exotic parrots depends primarily on their species. Small parrots, for example, budgies, live about 10-15 years. Medium-sized birds will please their owners longer – their existence after birth lasts from 20 to 30 years. The actual lifespan of large parrots is not precisely defined: some sources indicate that they live from 50 to 120 years, while others limit this figure to sixty years.

How much a parrot lives depends not only on its type. A varied and balanced diet, an optimal temperature and light regime throughout the year (the use of special ultraviolet lamps that produce vitamin D in birds), a spacious cage equipped with parrot toys – all this also plays an important role in determining the life span of your pet. The health and longevity of a parrot is also affected by its emotional comfort: birds can get sick from loneliness, boredom and lack of attention, a caring owner must worry about the leisure of his pet, who wants, like any pet, attention.

There are many opinions about the type of habitat that affects how much does a parrot live. Many are confident that the natural habitat of these birds is less suitable than captive life, because in the wild they are more likely to die from numerous predators, adverse weather conditions or starvation. Supporters of the opposite point of view have no less compelling arguments: people are not always able to provide the necessary variety of food or create a comfortable environment for the full life of parrots, which leads to the emergence of various diseases in them, the presence of which leads to premature death. It is worth noting that many species of small parrots that currently live in humans have been bred artificially, so captivity is preferable to them. As a result, it turns out that the difference between the life spans of parrots in nature and at home can be quite different.

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So, let’s look at how many years the parrots of the popular “among the people” species live:

How old is the budgerigar
The budgerigar is the most common representative of exotic birds in Russian families. This bird is very talkative, sometimes they get communication with people. Of course, the owners of these pets are worried about the approximate lifespan of budgies. Scientists have found that in the natural habitat with its dangers, the budgerigar lives only 6-8 years. With regard to the residence of "wavy" with a person, things are different. At home (with proper care and nutrition), the budgerigar lives for about 10-15 years. There are also long-term budgies – some individuals live up to 20 years, the record for this parameter belongs to the 21-year-old “wavy”.

How old are Corella parrots
Corellas are very bright, rather funny and very “loud” parrots, hard to tame and hard to learn individual words. The average life expectancy of these beautiful birds is 15-18 years.

How old do lovebirds live
Lovebirds got their name because of the unusually strong attachment of the male and female to each other. These birds are so faithful to their partners that often when one parrot from the pair dies, the second can die from longing. Sometimes the opposite happens, the birds break up very easily and go to another partner. But the question “how many lovebird parrots live?” The answer, alas, is not very pleasant – the average life expectancy of these birds is about 10-15 years.

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How old is Jaco
Jaco is the most common medium-sized parrot in Russia kept at home. Different sources contain different data on how much Jaco live. But, having verified the information from a certain amount of literature, we can say that the average life span is 50-60 years. It is worth noting that from unconfirmed sources it is also known about long-livers who have lived to be 93 years old. Jaco boasts a relatively high intelligence, which is why they are especially susceptible to lack of attention. Lack of communication negatively affects the health status of the bird, the parrot may begin to engage in self-plucking.

How Old Do Parrots Live

How old are macaw parrots
Macaws are large, relatively easy to learn, terribly expensive and therefore rare parrots in our country. They live an average of 30-40 years, but there is also information about individuals who have lived more than 50. Among the documented data on how many macaw parrots live, the record holder is the inhabitant of the Antwerp zoo – the Kea parrot, which just barely lived to be 50 years old.

How old is Kakadu?
If you believe the summary data on how much Kakadu lives, the life of these large-sized parrots in captivity averages about 30-40 years. The Moloku Kakadu, King Tut, who died at 69, was officially considered the longest-living individual.

How many years does a parakeet live?
Another bright representative of the order of the parrot is the necklace parrot. These graceful and graceful birds are distinguished by their ingenuity, curiosity and unpretentiousness to the conditions of detention. Necklace parrots are medium-sized birds that can live in captivity for 20 to 30 years.

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Remember, care, care and attention – this is what will allow your parrot to live a happy and long life. Or maybe become a long-liveried champion among his relatives.