How Much Canary Lives

Every beginner breeder of songbirds should know how many canaries live. Factors affecting their life expectancy are directly dependent on environmental conditions. Wild birds have to deal with difficulties and dangers on their own, which can significantly reduce this period. Domesticated canaries are completely in the hands of the owner – only his efforts can increase or decrease this period.

Life on the islands

Wild canaries daily have to look for food. In the Canary Islands, where they come from, there is an abundance of plant foods that birds feed on. Constant access to fresh food directly from the bushes and fields, as well as the climate without sharp temperature fluctuations, favorably affect their health. It would seem that birds live and live for pleasure, but …

Many predators await little birds day and night, eager to feast on them. During daytime flights, canaries become targets for owls, kites and other birds of prey. At night, sleeping canaries can be attacked by bats that see well in the dark.

How Much Canary Lives

Dangerous rats and cats run around the earth, which were brought to the Canary Islands from Europe. They destroy bird nests and eat chicks. Sometimes enemies lie in wait for the kids during their first flights. In addition, rats are carriers of infections. A sick bird can infect the entire flock, and sick individuals do not live long.

As a result, wild canaries who managed to escape from the parent nest live a maximum of six to eight years. The luckiest birds, at times, reach up to ten years.

What awaits a bird next to a person

Of course, a wild predator will not suddenly attack a home canary. But the cat living in the apartment can. The mustachioed neighbor can greatly scare the feathered. Yes, and rats are able to penetrate the aviary if it is assembled somehow. It turns out that how much the canary lives, largely depends on the care and attention of the owner.

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How Much Canary Lives

If the owner uniformly feeds the bird, forgets to pour clean water on it, keeps it in unsuitable conditions, then the canary is unlikely to live the prescribed seven to twelve years. But surrounded by care, it may well surprise the owner with longevity. Some individuals are able to live fifteen years, or even longer.

Even the most caring owners may not suspect that their actions cause the pet irreparable harm. In order for the bird to please you with good health and good mood as long as possible, you need to know where to wait for danger.

Unreasonable breeding

The life span of a bird is directly dependent on genetics. In an effort to replenish the variety of canary breeds, many amateur breeders interbreed their closest relatives. Often this leads to the appearance of congenital diseases that significantly shorten life.

How Much Canary Lives

Some unscrupulous breeders seek to get and sell as many chicks as possible for profit. They exhaust females with frequent clutches, which is why weak chicks are susceptible to diseases. Many of them, despite good conditions, do not live to a minimum of seven years.

Place of purchase

Inappropriate neighbors

Some owners who do not have experience in keeping canaries plant other birds in their cages. An undesirable neighborhood sometimes depresses canaries, leading to a depressed state. In this mood, they can wither and die.

How Much Canary Lives

If a bird turns out to be a larger bird, it can cripple or even kill a canary. And small and seemingly harmless lovebirds are able to start a fight for the territory. If they injure the good neighbors of the paws, bleeding will open, from which the canary can die.

Lack of attention

Song Kenar is a good buy. A vocal artist will delight the owner with beautiful songs. However, its content will require the creation of suitable conditions. A lonely canary needs daily communication. If the owner does not pay attention to her, she will begin to get bored and languish. Longing for the master and relatives is able to knock down not only a lonely female, but also a male.

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How Much Canary Lives

Unsuitable living conditions

How long the canary will live depends on the conditions of its maintenance. And this period can be reduced for the following reasons:

  • tight cage;
  • improper location of the cell: in a draft, in direct sunlight, in the kitchen, near batteries and so on;
  • dry air
  • bad light;
  • sudden changes in temperature;
  • non-compliance with sanitary standards;
  • polluted air, for example, tobacco smoke or spray aerosols;
  • lack of water and hygiene procedures;
  • non-observance of sleep and wakefulness.

An important factor affecting the life span of a canary is free walks around the room. Without them, the condition of the bird will worsen and obesity will begin to develop. If a pet begins to have problems with the work of internal organs, he may die.

How Much Canary Lives

However, regular walks around the room do not guarantee that the canary will live a long and happy life. Failure to comply with elementary safety rules can lead to a bird flying out of a window, getting burned on a burning burner, taking pleasure in a houseplant or toxic substance, falling into a dog’s mouth or a fan, and drowning in a container with liquid. The canary can be shocked, it can suddenly be stepped on or sit down, pinched by the door. In a word, even in a confined space, danger lurks her.

Poor nutrition

When the owner feeds the canary with monotonous food, it has a deficiency of vital substances. Such food can kill a bird in a short time.

A diet oversaturated with nutrients also has a bad effect on bird’s well-being. Excess vitamins, micro and macro elements leads to disruption of the internal organs. In advanced cases, they completely fail and the pet dies.

How Much Canary Lives

Poor quality food, rotten or sour foods, dirty water can lead to poisoning of the bird.


Even a perfectly healthy canary can die a few days after appearing in a new house. Some birds simply can not withstand a sudden move, because a change of scenery causes them great emotions.

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Due to stress, the canary loses her appetite, she refuses to drink. Dehydration, long starvation often lead to death of the bird. That is why the first time it should be under the careful supervision of the owner.

Sometimes canaries die due to severe fright. And a new tenant can be frightened of anything: loud noises, a sharp jump of a cat, a barking dog, a sudden arrival of guests, a child who is trying to stick his hand into a cage and other things. Lack of cause for concern will help the bird survive stress.

Dangerous games

Pets can not only scare the canary, but also injure or eat it. Even if a cat or dog decides to just play with the bird, they can bite it and introduce an infection into the bird’s body. Mammalian saliva contains bacteria that are deadly to birds. Canaries should not fly freely around the room without the supervision of the owner.

The bird may be injured on its own. Often they cripple, flying in a fright through the cell, especially during fast flights in small cells. If the pet became limp, fell from the perch, stopped flying, it may have a dislocation or a fracture. In such cases, it is necessary to show it to the veterinarian, otherwise the bird may die.

How Much Canary Lives


Sometimes an apparently healthy and active canary dies suddenly. And the conditions of detention are good, and the diet is properly balanced. What is the matter? Most likely, the reason lies in the genetic predisposition. It is possible that the parents gave her a latent disease that had not previously manifested itself.


The care, attention and love of the owner can extend the life of the canary. Not only should birds be looked after, monitored and communicated with, but they should also be contacted by a veterinarian at the slightest suspicion of health complications.

How Much Canary Lives

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