From the very first days when a budgie appears in your house, you become attached and get used to this funny feathered pet. Surely, after a couple of weeks, you will get used to it and love it so much that you will not be able to imagine your life without a budgie. In this case, you are unlikely to ever think about how many years a budgerigar lives?

Having become a full member of the family, for many years the birds will continue to delight you with their funny disposition and perky character. They will eat from your hands, imitate your voice, twitter some songs, filling the house with funny trills. All this and much more will tie you so tightly to this little bird that you simply cannot even imagine that someday it might not be.

How Many Years Do Budgerigars Live In Captivity And In Freedom

Life expectancy of budgies in the wild

Perhaps when acquiring a parrot, some people are interested in how many budgerigars live. However, as practice shows, everyone prefers not to think about it.

In general, if we take the conditions of the wild, then the life expectancy of budgies can reach five years, or even more. It depends directly on the conditions of existence of a small bird. There are a lot of factors influencing the direct on the life expectancy of parrots.

Among the mentioned factors, the following should be highlighted:

  • the presence of food that the parrot can find;
  • the presence of nearby bodies of water with clean, unpolluted water;
  • the presence of predators that, due to their natural instincts, can attack a small bird;
  • weather conditions (it is very important that the birds do not freeze).
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Usually, under more or less acceptable living conditions, a bird can reach the age of 7 years. Such a short period of time is explained by the habitat of the budgerigar in the wild. Surely the bird will be at risk of being eaten, from time to time not to eat up and so on. All these factors significantly affect the health of the budgerigar, shortening the already fleeting life of a small bird.

How Many Years Do Budgerigars Live In Captivity And In Freedom

Life expectancy of parrots at home

Unlike their wild relatives, domesticated parrots exist in a rather favorable environment for them. They are constantly taken care of, fed and watered. Thanks to these conditions, budgerigars live much longer, stretching from seven to eight to ten to fifteen years. As an exception, you can specify a period of twenty years. However, a few budgerigars live up to it, being a kind of old-timers.

But even such an impressive period can not be compared with the life expectancy of larger parrots. For example, medium-sized birds can easily live a couple of dozen or more years. Big birds, live up to a hundred years. However, this is not a reason to choose them, since the care and maintenance of the budgies is much easier and more pleasant.

The influence of conditions on the life expectancy of a budgerigar in captivity

As already mentioned above, the life expectancy of captive parrots exceeds the average indicator of their life in the wild. However, this does not mean that you should not pay special attention to all the needs of the bird.

Many lovers of parrots, bringing a bird to their house, believe that it will be enough just feed and a spacious cage. However, this is not the case. Budgerigar, this is primarily a living creature that has its own feelings and needs, including communication with someone and entertainment. The absence of the latter will lead to the fact that your bird will begin to get bored, moping and may even get sick.

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In general, in order to extend the life of your pet, adhere to the rules and recommendations described below.

How Many Years Do Budgerigars Live In Captivity And In Freedom

Firstly, your pet should lead an active lifestyle. You should not keep it constantly locked in a cage. Release it more often. It is very important for birds to stretch their wings and fly from time to time.

Secondly, the cage in which the parrot purchased by you will be kept should be spacious enough so as not to hamper it in moving along it. It is desirable that any toys with which the pet could spend its time be present in it. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to such an unimportant fact as the location of the cell.

The cage should not stand in a draft, thereby increasing the likelihood that your pet may become ill. Also, it is not recommended to put it near any electrical appliances and in direct sunlight.

The atmosphere in the room itself should also be healthy. Birds are extremely difficult to tolerate smoke from smoking and can even get sick.

Before going to bed, cover the cage with some kind of cloth. It is very important that the parrots get enough sleep.

For the rest, you should pay more attention to the proper nutrition of your bird, its daily routine and communication. Only if all the above recommendations are followed, your feathered fidget will feel the best possible way, which will subsequently affect his life expectancy.

At the end of this article, I would like to give one more practical advice. Pay more attention to cage cleaning at the budgerigar. With a lot of clutter, a large abundance of old grains, droppings and dried and moldy food debris, all conditions are created for the spread of pathogenic microbes and microorganisms. As a result, your pet’s health can be significantly undermined.

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We sincerely hope that the tips given in the article about how many years budgerigars live will be useful to you and extend the life of your feathery pet.