How Many Years Canaries Live And What Are

How many years these birds live side by side with people, so many do not cease to please them with their appearance and melodious singing.

The homeland of the canaries is considered to be the islands of the Atlantic Ocean. This is primarily the Canary Islands, which gave it a name, as well as the Azores. They live on the island of Madeira.

The species diversity of canaries is so wide that it is customary to divide all types of home canaries into three groups: color, decorative and singing. Within these groups there is a division into breeds or species of canaries.

Color canaries

Colored canaries come in a variety of colors – from plain to colorful: yellow, red, orange, green, brown, gray, white. White canaries are divided into two varieties: English and German. Representatives of the English species, as a rule, have a cleaner color, while the German species often have yellow chicks in their offspring. Gray canaries are the result of crossing yellow and green varieties. Moreover, the gray color can be both light and almost black.

The most popular among canary lovers, of course, is yellow. Its color can vary from pale yellow to the brightest "signature" canary color.

Green canaries are the closest in color to their wild ancestor. Their color also has various modifications.

Red color is not characteristic of canaries. Therefore, rare individuals of bright red color are also popular. The orange color is obtained by crossing individuals of yellow and red colors. There are also so-called harlequins – individuals of a motley color, containing some or all of the listed colors.

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Decorative canaries

Decorative canaries differ from colored congeners by their non-standard body shape, plumage or size. Representatives of this group are humpback, curly, curly, crested and painted canaries.

The humpback canary looks according to its name. Most of all, its appearance resembles a politely bowing bird. Humpback canaries are slightly larger than their colored congeners. Curly canaries got their name thanks to the curly feathers on their chests. They were popular in the 17th century in Europe. The birds of this breed were more elegant than usual, and they sang just as beautifully. But their parents are not very attentive. Breeders try to plant their chicks on cultivation simple canaries. Outbred birds take better care of offspring. Curly and crested canaries also have exterior features and are small in size. The most famous breed among the painted canaries is the lizard. Its name translates from English as a lizard. The bird got such a name for its color.

How Many Years Canaries Live And What Are


Singing canaries, as their name implies, sing. Usually only the male sings, attracting the attention of the female. Especially active – during the breeding season, in the spring. In August, during the molting period, singing usually stops. It is rare to meet a singing female. But even in this case, her singing will be less harmonious than that of males. Kenars are taught singing from an early age. Moreover, they can adopt the song as other birds, and audio recordings.

Appearance in European Homes

At the very beginning of the XIV century, canaries came to Europe. They were brought from distant hikes to exotic countries by Spanish and Portuguese sailors. They bought them from local residents. Birds were already kept in cages made from twigs of trees. Bright vocal birds quickly became popular among the European high society of that time. With the growth of their popularity, their cells changed, becoming stronger and richer. Some owners encrusted the cages of their pets with precious stones. In the process of domestication, a special, phenomenal sensitivity of canaries to natural gas was discovered. They tried to take cages with birds to the mines.

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The canary is often chosen as a pet, because it has a lot of advantages. First of all, this is her singing abilities. Have canaries, and you will have spring all year round! – say lovers of these birds. But how many years canaries have lived at home, so much they will delight you with beautiful sounds. Keeping a canary at home is relatively simple and inexpensive. But, of course, all birds kept in captivity require careful attention to themselves.

How many years canaries live at home

Many of us ask how many canaries live. According to statistics, healthy individuals live up to 10 years. In some cases, canaries delight their owners even up to 15 years. It is believed that the singing is considered an indicator of the health and quality of life of a bird. If a captive bird sings melodiously, it means she is comfortable and well.