How Many Parrots Live

At present, keeping parrots is commonplace. But at the same time, many unscrupulous sellers tell fantastic stories about how many parrots live in captivity. How many parrots live at home? This is a question that worries many who want to get these beautiful, slightly noisy birds at home.

Life expectancy of parrots depending on the species

How Many Parrots Live

Another feature that draws attention to parrots is their ability to imitate people’s speech

In the world there are approximately 800 species of parrots, most of which are found in Australia and New Zealand. Not every species is suitable for home maintenance. The most common types of birds are:

  1. Budgerigar. The most famous variety, most often found in home contents. Budgerigars live on average about 15 years. At the same time, science knows cases where ordinary budgerigars survived to 21 years. A similar long-lived parrot was in the Moscow Zoo.
  2. Parrot Corella. Corella parrots at home live on average from 15 to 25 years. An authoritative journal in zoology gives examples when a parrot of this species lived in captivity until 35 years old, but such a case is considered an exception to the general rule.
  3. Lovebird Parrot. Lovebirds have several species categories, which affects the average life indicators of birds, cited in various sources. Some foreign magazines claim that the maximum life expectancy of domestic parrots does not exceed 12 years. Ministers of the Moscow Zoo claim that lovebirds can live up to 20 years.
  4. Ara parrot. One of the largest varieties of parrots that are kept in captivity. This species is considered one of the long-livers among birds: they live in the wild for up to half a century, at home they are able to live about the same. Too many zoos boast macaws that have survived to the age of over 40.
  5. Cockatoo Parrot. A kind of parrot, which, thanks to cinema and literature, has become a real symbol of pirates. Also a distinctive feature of the species is the ability to learn human speech very well. The average age of this beautiful snow-white bird with a recognizable crest is 40 years old. The record for life expectancy is 65 years.
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How Many Parrots Live

  • The parrot is a jaco. Type of large parrots, characterized by high intelligence and increased need for attention from the person. The usual life span of a species is 25 years, but some eyewitnesses claim that there were instances that lived to see half a century.
  • Amazon parrots. A fairly rare variety of birds for captive, as these birds require a spacious aviary and quality care. With insufficient free space, obesity occurs, and the bird rarely lives up to 20 years. With proper care, a parrot can live up to 70 years.
  • Rosella Parrot. The Amazonian variety, characterized by a motley color and medium size. There is no exact evidence of how many rosella live, but there are cases when birds survived to 30 years.
  • Their life expectancy is average for these birds 10–20 years. More accurate numbers are best clarified by people professionally involved in ornithology.

    Causes That May Shorten The Life Of A Parrot

    How Many Parrots Live

    There are many factors that can lead to a reduction in life. In particular:

    • Poor feed quality or lack thereof. Parrots live without food for only 2-3 days, after which the inevitable death occurs.
    • Injuries resulting from collisions during a flight.
    • Departure of a parrot in an open window or window. Outside the familiar cage, the parrot will die, because the poultry is not adapted to street life.
    • Attack of other pets, in particular cats.
    • Poisoning by poisonous flowers or plants.
    • Fever in the room.
    • The disease. In particular, a tumor, called a lipoma, which forms between the skin and muscles, is a fairly common ailment. Tumor parrots rarely live up to one and a half years.
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    Proper care, the creation of the most comfortable conditions and attention to the pet will maximize the life of the parrot, which for decades will delight its owners with cheerful twittering and liveliness inherent only to this species of birds.