How Many Lovebirds Live And How Realistic Is It To Extend Their Life

Birds can also be tamed and made into true friends who will delight you and your children with their presence over the years. Most prefer parrots, for example, lovebirds – beautiful, bright, intelligent birds and able to learn human speech. How many lovebirds live and what determines their life span?

Lovebird Features

Before you get these beautiful birds home, don’t be too lazy to learn everything you find about them. This applies not only to what they eat, how much they drink, where they need to live, but also to character traits and habits. For such emotional creatures as lovebirds, it is very important that they be understood.

Lovebirds are one of the most common small and medium-sized parrot breeds. These are relatively small birds, a little more than wavy. They have a bright color, in which green and red shades prevail. These are classic songbirds – they will delight your hearing with their sonorous and beautiful voice, which is completely annoying and not distracting from business.

Lovebirds are one of the most unpretentious species of poultry. There are no problems with their feeding, since they are capable of eating literally everything. It goes without saying that you can’t give them everything in any way, but it will be enough to purchase standard feed without bothering with the selection of individual grain mixtures designed specifically for this breed.

For emotional creatures like lovebirds, it’s important to be understood.

Despite the fact that lovebirds can live alone, they got their name for a reason. Their relationship in pairs can be an example even for people. The female and the male are very attached to each other, and therefore they practically do everything together – they eat, drink water, sit on the perch, play, sleep, etc. The distance between them during the rest is minimal – they often even rub against each other, and also clean the feathers of their partner. In this regard, lovebirds are very different from the same budgies, for which such relationships are far from the foreground.

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If you buy a couple of lovebirds, the mood of the birds will almost always be good. By communicating with their views, they will be better off contacting a person. But there is also the flip side of the coin – only the roots will get the owner, while the budgie partner takes the tops. Therefore, it will be virtually impossible to completely tame a couple and, moreover, to teach them how to talk. To solve this problem, it is necessary to acquire one lovebird.

A lovebird may live alone, but she will need a lot of attention

Can such a bird live alone for a long time? Contrary to popular belief, yes, it can. But she will need a lot of attention. In fact, the owner will have to replace the bird with its relative. Lovebird loves to communicate, sing, play. You need to look after him, regularly feed, talk, release from the cage, etc.

The more attention is paid to a bird, the more comfortable it feels – this is an indisputable fact that every owner of a lovebird should remember. If you live alone, or your family appears at home only in the evening, and the parrot will be alone all this time, be sure to buy a couple.

How many lovebird parrots live at home

It has long been proven that parrots of small breeds live much less than large birds. In terms of longevity, lovebirds are similar to budgies – their life expectancy is about 7-15 years, on average it is about 10 years, depending on a number of external and internal factors.

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There are cases when lovebirds (mainly in pairs) lived 20 happy years. They say that some individual was able to live even 35 years, but there is no confirmation of this information.

Life expectancy of Lovebirds is about 7-15 years

But do not think that every parrot will be able to live these years. You must understand that they are in danger at almost every step, and this fully applies even to bondage. Here are just a small part of those factors that can directly affect the life expectancy of a beautiful parrot:

  • various diseases. Ornithologists know a huge number of diseases to which birds are exposed, including lovebirds. If you buy a new pet by hand, there is no guarantee that it is healthy. It is possible that the ailment, at the end of the incubation period, will make itself felt;
  • failure to provide the necessary medical care – at the first signs that your feathered friend is sick, you need to show it to a specialist as soon as possible. If two parrots live in the house, resettle them so as not to infect the second;
  • poisoning – there are a lot of reasons why a poisonous substance can enter the body of birds. For example, it is a fungus or mold that develops in feed or water, especially if you do not change them for a long time. You also need to understand that parrots are very fond of gnawing various materials, including those containing dangerous substances – for example, painted cage rods, plastic, glue, etc .;
  • improper nutrition – lovebirds will eat everything, but this does not mean that their diet does not need to be monitored. Salty and fried foods, pumpkin, nuts, potatoes, candied fruits, etc. are strictly contraindicated;
  • access to hazardous household items. If you let the parrots out of the cage, they will fly anywhere and nibble everything. Sometimes they cut through the wiring – the result of such actions is understandable. Also, they can even drown in a pan on a stove or some jar of liquid;
  • inadequacy to the surrounding space. You must first let the bird get used to its surroundings. He will remember where everything is and will fly around these obstacles. Otherwise, the lovebird may even crash against some mirror or wall;
  • other animals – if your cat or dog is accustomed not to eat birds, this does not mean that they are safe for the parrot. At any time, they can hit him with his paw, as a result of which the feathered pet will receive serious injuries and die. His body is very fragile;
  • fly out the window – even a tamed parrot can fly out of the open window or window and get lost. Poultry is completely unsuitable for living in freedom;
  • fear – parrots are very shy in nature. Strong fright and stress can cause your pet’s heart to stop forever.
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How to extend the life of lovebirds

How much these luxurious birds will live in your home depends on your attitude to them.

They need attention, care, creating comfortable living conditions. All this must be provided by the owner, otherwise why then buy an animal at all then?