The Corella Parrot is great for home breeding. Beginner breeders are interested in all the nuances of the content: how to feed, where to place, how to treat these good-natured birds. Against the background of everyday issues, a special moment stands out: how long the Corellians live, because a feathered pet can become a true friend.

How Many Corellians Live And How To Extend Their Life

How long does Corella live in nature?

The birthplace of Corell is Australia, and this continent is known as the driest on the planet. These cute parrots settle along the banks of the rivers, and during a drought, the water level drops dramatically, so the birds are forced to fly to another place. The nomadic lifestyle has a bad effect on the health status of parrots, who spend a lot of energy on finding food. Many of the dangers of the natural range prevent the corals from living long and carefree:

  • weakened birds easily fall into the claws of predators;
  • hungry parrots devastate grain fields, for which farmers exterminate them in large numbers;
  • dirty, contaminated water in rivers causes epidemics that reduce population;
  • beautiful, good-natured birds are not afraid of people, the price of their credulity is high – hunters catch birds for sale;
  • many birds die in forest fires.

It is difficult to accurately calculate how many years the Corella parrot has lived in the wild. Using spot checks, ornithologists found that the average age that a bird of this species can reach in the natural environment is ten years.

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Life expectancy of domesticated Corellas

Next to a person, a parrot is freed from worries: you do not need to hide from enemies, get food, and seek water. There is no need to conquer a female or territory in a pack. In captivity, it is much easier to hatch and feed chicks. Attentive owners provide their pets with complete food, fresh water, and toys. They monitor the health status of fragile birds, and seek veterinary care on time.

Wrong attitude of the owner, his negligence can lead to premature death of the feathered. Parrots are defenseless in life-threatening situations. Early death of a pet can occur as a result of ill-considered human actions:

  • opened the window while the birds walked around the apartment;
  • put the cage on the windowsill on a hot day;
  • forgot to hide the medicine;
  • did not cover the container with water;
  • intensively ventilated the room in winter;
  • slammed the door, crushing the pet sitting on it.

A caring host should rule out factors that shorten the life span of Corella parrots. Then the bird can live to a very old age and die at 20 – 25 years. On average, tame corals live for a decade and a half.

How Many Corellians Live And How To Extend Their Life

The longevity conditions of Corella parrots

For a long life of a parrot, the breeder must arrange a suitable environment and good care. The correct content of the corrella implies the following several rules:

  • equipped place of residence;
  • good nutrition;
  • adapted microclimate;
  • communication and lack of stress.

Let us consider in more detail each of the factors.

Equipped cage

The movement of the parrot inside the cage should be comfortable, so the housing parameters need to be selected in accordance with the size of the bird. Corella grows up to 30 – 33 cm along with the tail, and it requires considerable space in order to freely spread its wings and gallop along the poles. One individual is suitable for living a rectangular steel frame one meter long, 40 cm wide, at least 60 cm high.

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The cage must be equipped with the necessary equipment:

  • two feeders;
  • drinking bowl;
  • two wooden perches;
  • rope or ladder;
  • swing;
  • toys.

It is recommended to install the cage in the corner of the room, remote from the window, TV, computer. Birds need peace to rest and sleep, and working equipment and bright light will prevent them. Draft, direct sunlight and heat from radiators shorten the bird’s life span, and Corelli can die prematurely.

Balanced diet

How Many Corellians Live And How To Extend Their Life


A native of hot Australia needs warm and humid air. In the room where Corella is constantly living, you need to maintain a temperature of 25 degrees. In winter, heating radiators dry the air, so it is recommended that a special device maintain a relative humidity of 60 – 70 percent.

Another important parameter of the indoor microclimate is lighting. The length of daylight in nature is 10 to 12 hours. Corella at the instinct level feels the need to fall asleep immediately after sunset. Give her such an opportunity, do not make noise in the evening and try to darken part of the cage, creating a corner for relaxation. But in the winter season, when the sun hides early, on the contrary, you need to turn on an ultraviolet lamp near the cage. This will produce vitamin D, which affects lifespan and is necessary for a parrot.

Emotional background

If the owner is too busy, the parrot can become depressed. If there are no walks, but there is constant noise from young children and the TV, then the Corella parrot lives in inappropriate home conditions. Sociable birds suffer from a lack of attention. You need to talk with them often, praise them, pet them, offer treats.

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Corell’s nervous system is so structured that these birds react very sharply to stimuli. The following situations can bring a budgie to stress:

  • tightness and lack of walking;
  • loud noises, screams;
  • sharply turned on light at night;
  • pet attack;
  • unceremonious trapping;
  • poor nutrition;
  • loneliness.

The frightened parrot refuses to go into the hands of the owner, does not want to learn and stops talking, even if he can imitate speech. Tension and a sense of fear shorten the life of Corellia. If the bird is often stressed, it does not absorb food well, it stops growing and developing.

Many factors affect the life expectancy of Corell: habitat, food, environment, physical activity, stress. In a comfortable environment next to a caring owner, the parrot will live long and fun, delighting others.